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3D Interactive Immersive Holographic System for Interior Areas

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The interactive immersive holographic system for room is a really innovative system that will bring entertainment and fun to anyone. The position of the object is collected by the infrared radar and analyzed by the software system, thereby generating the position information of the captured object. Each interactive radar has an induction radius of 10 meters and each LED projector can cover an area of 4 meters of 3 meters. The number of projectors and interactive radars that they will be needed depend on the square meters of each room. There are 2 different systems: One system that covers 3 Walls and 1 Floor and one system that covers 4 Walls and 1 floor. The required equipment for each interactive immersive room is:  a computer, LED projectors, Software and Interactive Radars. There are totally 40 interactive effects that each user can choose from but there is a possibility to be created more effects by the request of the client.

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Brand Name: Kleader

Model Number: V10.0

Conventional immersive plan: three walls + ground / four walls + ground

1 projector Regular size: 4*3m

Maximum size: Unlimited

Display Support: Projector/LED screen/LCD screen

Projector Support: All kinds of projectors

LED Projector Brightness: 4,000 Lumens

LED Projector Resolution: 4K

Interaction Modes: Multi People interaction

Sensor type: Radar

Required equipment for interaction: PC/Projector/Sensor/Software

Content: Flower Sea/Whale Island/Waterfall/40 immersive effects packages

More function development: Support for customization


Some of the Effects:

1.Dream Whale Island

The colorful world of light and shadow takes you to perceive the unknown fantasy scenery, meet the dreamy whale island, the smart whale drives the colorful waves, swimming by your side, there are all kinds of interesting animals strolling leisurely under your feet, every time you interact The magical colors that will bring to this ocean world present a colorful and charming scroll.

2.Light and shadow jungle

The body of the animal is covered with flowers. The flowers are born on the animal, bloom and fall off. When they touch the animal with their hands, the flowers will bloom and scatter.

3. Holographic immersive projection

Kleader launches a standard immersive interactive experience hall, where you can choose 7 kinds of interactive scene customization at will, so that your room theme is not repeated every day. There are more scenes than before, each scene can support interaction, it takes less time, communication is more convenient, and the process is more standardized!

4.Interactive Flower Sea

In the interactive flower sea, the audience seems to be in a virtual flower sea intertwined with light and shadow. Gazing at close range, reaching out to touch or stepping on flowers will affect the birth, blooming and even withering of flowers in the space.

5.Waterfall and flower

With flowers falling and flowing water flowing, you can feel the light and shadow art enjoyment brought to you by this VE vision. This work shows the three stages of light and shadow art of waterfalls in nature.

6.Text interaction

Three-in-one text interaction: This product contains three scenes: wind, fire, thunder and lightning, zodiac signs, and all things are born. The common natural phenomena and sci-fi phenomena are integrated into the software, and the characters and special effects are combined, and various elements such as abstraction, animals and plants are substantively displayed through interactive means.

7.LED immersive interaction

LED immersive interaction-the whole room adopts LED installation combination, using front, back, left, right, top and bottom panoramic picture seamless fusion technology, to create an extension of human vision from any angle to achieve a real body that spans time and space Being on the scene, so that people can get shocking, exciting, incredible experience.

8.Holographic immersive interactive customization

Kleader’s immersive interaction allows participants to experience the ocean, deep forest, town, and starry sky. And the wall and floor can also play the same screen video, control the video playback and pause through the IPAD, etc., the separate wall and floor can also be made into an interactive system separately, which can be touched by hand or brush.



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Weight 1 kg

12m2, 24m2, 36m2, 48m2, 72m2, 96m2


2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

Interactive Radars

1, 2, 3


Interactive, Non-Interactive

No of Effects

7, 40

Video Resolution



4,000 Lumens

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  1. Liliane Sadoux

    Avant d’acheter ce produit nous avons beaucoup hésité, car le coût du produit est élevé et nous ne savions pas si Newtechstore était digne de confiance. Mais tout était parfait et le résultat était vraiment incroyable. Maintenant, beaucoup de clients viennent dans notre restaurant pour dîner dans la jungle ou sur la plage !

    Liliane Sadoux

  2. Antonio Carluccio

    Possediamo una caffetteria in Italia e di recente abbiamo installato quel sistema olografico immersivo. Il risultato è ottimo. Ci sono molti effetti che cambiano tra di loro. Un giorno piove, l’altro nevica e l’altro giorno ci si può rilassare in spiaggia. I clienti non si annoiano mai con questo sistema. Il costo è un po’ alto ma i risultati sono sorprendenti! Qualunque cosa mi servisse newtechstore mi ha aiutato molto!

    Antonio Carluccio

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