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During the last decades, there is an ever-growing demand for High-Tech Security systems that go beyond the classic CCTV Cameras and provide the owners a total control of their living and/or working place.

When it comes to security issues, the first line of defense is locks, keeping the home secure from intruders. So, during the years many companies rendered themselves focused in proving the best high-tech locking systems. Was that good enough to keep the “unpleasant visitors” away? No! An increasing rate of criminality, even in places that used to be peaceful in the past, makes it necessary to invest your money in a system that would work effectively, whether as a stand-alone product or as a part of a total security hub.

In this perspective, various solutions could be proposed to provide you with the best commodity of the recent years, peace of mind for you and your loving ones. Such systems could include the following:

  • High-Tech Security Cameras. Beyond the classical CCTV Cameras, newest surveillance products tend to be wireless and smart thinking. They come with embedded sensors that could notify temperature changes, as well as movements within your place, and inform you right to your phone. Products such as a Wireless Home Monitor System, a Rolling and/or Patrolling Robot, with an embedded camera, that keeps an eye inside your home, whilst being away, or a Facial Recognition Security Camera that enables the user to have a fully control of the entrance.
  • Access Control Systems. These are systems that detect and prevent intruders, making sure that only familiar persons have access to your property. In work places they can grant or deny access during specific hours and, moreover, they can provide the owner with detailed reports as to the persons’ movements. Biometric Door Locks, Keyless or Smart Locks, as soon as Outdoor Surveillance Robots could be only a few of the possible examples.
  • Fire Alarms & Emergency Response Systems. Recent innovations rendered this kind of technologies widespread and, yet, in affordable prices. Smoke detection is of paramount importance in order to protect your family. Emergency response is crucial for elderly and small kids. Products that could be sound examples on this group include Smart Smoke Detectors, Emergency Bracelets, wearable by children and elderly, Robot Assistants, that remind the medicines and identify emergency situations.
  • Environmental Conditions Detectors. Living conditions are crucial for many people and especially those that face up health problems, such as allergies etc. To this group possibly belong Air Quality and Temperature-Humidity Detectors, Air Humidifiers, Weather Predictors, and smart Sleep Sensors, so as to make you feel comfortable and safe at any time.
  • High-Tech Security Hub Systems. Combining and linking multiple products under a central system gives you the chance to have a total and autonomous experience of home and/or work safety. A Smart Home Appliances Remote Controller that gives users control over the apps anywhere and at any time, or a Magic Cube Controller for Smart Home Appliances, with an accelerometer and a gyroscope, are the most characteristic examples of this kind.

Follow us in the High-Tech Securities era, where smart systems pave the way for an ultimate joyful and secure experience of your home. Provide yourself with the best systems now at NewTechStore, where you can find many products aimed to raise the safety levels of your home or business. In our place, shopping in both smart and secure!