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Just a couple of years ago a levitating object would sound something like a science fiction. Yet, nowadays an increasing proportion of the home decor market is all the more acquired by these “extraordinary” products.
Levitation is not a static situation, but rather a dynamic one. It takes place when the defying-gravity forces come in balance with those that push the object back down to the earth. Among the fundamental forces that cause this phenomenon, prevail at least four (4): magnetic, electrostatic, aerodynamic, and acoustic ones. In recent years, researchers claim that they have also found a way to levitate objects using just light (!), but by now this is far away from a commercial use.
Magnetic levitation is caused by the repelling power of another magnet, either natural or artificial, and it is commonly used in modern infrastructure projects (e.g. magnetic trains). Electrostatic levitation is when the gravitational force is being counteracted by the forces arising from an electric field. In aerodynamic levitation things are simpler, since the air force that pushes the objects to levitate is kind of tangible and seen. Acoustic levitation, finally, is the result of the energy carried out by the acoustic waves, which –under very specific circumstances- could even levitate some objects.
Besides the above mentioned uses, nowadays levitation can render simple household products, such as a lamp, a pot, or a table, from ordinary to nearly magical ones. On the vast majority of products, this is caused by the use of magnetic energy.
We could possibly classify the greatest amount of levitating products in two (2) classes:
• Decorative Levitating Objects. Here belong the most of those intriguing objects. Levitating pots and planters, clocks and the well-known invention of a levitating bulb, are only a small percent of what a person can find in this class. Weather prognosis could be made in the near future by simply asking a levitating cloud. Speakers and subwoofers could also be levitating around the place. Even the salt and pepper holders could levitate and make the dinner table look like an interstellar lounge. Floating lamps could also shed light on the darkest places of your home.
• Levitating Furniture. Hard to believe (maybe even the use of them…), but recent architectural trends focus on such futuristic furniture. The well-known Floating Bed is more a piece of art than a practical item. Also, floating tables have been introduced, consisting of many cube items which are held together by magnets. Pieces of art by now, but surely paving the future path.
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