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As an inherent part of the Holograms & 3D – Digital Signage class, the 3D Holographic Lamps group encloses the lamp-related devices of the new era.

A 3d hologram lamp combines the benefits of a hologram with those of a led technology lamp. As previously mentioned, a hologram is a physical structure that uses diffraction to reproduce a 3D light field. Diffraction refers to the bending of waves around the corners of an (possible) obstacle. This results to an image that has the ability to retain the depth and many other features of the original scene. To put it simple, a hologram is a kind of photo recording of a light field. Holograms were first invented in the late ‘40s, but it was not until the 21st century that these devices enjoyed great commercial use.

On the other hand, led lights emerged in the early ‘60s, were of very low intensity and in the beginnings emitted only a red light. Nowadays, however, are available in multiple colors and intensities. Their critical advantages, lower electricity consumption and greater life span of the bulb, made them popular and very common recently.

Bound with these features, a 3d hologram led lamp can meet various –and mostly decorative- needs. It can be used as a classical lamp to shed light into various spaces. A 3d hologram light is simple to use, very safe and economical. You have the ability to choose amongst various lighting patterns to give a futuristic trait to your place, or to your children’s place, without having to pay for all those furniture-based decorative elements. Just switch the mode and a brand new lighting scheme appears! Different patterns, relative of the spaces needs and different colors, relative to your mood and choices.

A hologram lamp is cheap, safe and suitable for your kid’s room, a place where the decorative needs change rapidly, as your loved ones grow up. It is a futuristic choice which intrigues their curiosity about Hi-Tech issues and helps them built an environmental consciousness, by choosing products with very low energy consumption. A 3d led lamp hologram can fit into their various needs and, when they get used to the old scheme, just change the pattern!

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