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Professional drones can be used in many activities due to the reason that they are equipped with a lot of features. The best drones with professional camera are mostly equipped with Full HD and 4K high quality, high frame rate, H.264 encoding, CMOS sensors and 20MP photos for stunning results. They can load heavy objects in a very long distance as they are constructed with lightweight materials. On the other hand nonprofessional drones are engineered only with basic features.

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Professional drone with hd camera is engineered today by various professional industries. Some of the categories of these professional drones are:

a) Racing drones that are used for racing against other opponents and are constructed by fans of racing. These drones race frequently through a pre-selected path.

b) Sizeable drones that can reach a range of 650 km and a range of height of 9,000 meters above sea. These drones can reach the size of a small airship. There are two main categories of these professional drones: endurance and mid-range drones.

c) Multi Rotor Drones that can be equipped with three or more rotors like tricopters, quadcopters and hexacopters.

d) Delivery drones that have the ability to carry heavy products and items in a very long distance. This cargo is delivered to customers by professional and large drones.

e) RTF drones which are already assembled and used right away by the users of these drones.

Some of the industries that Professional Drones are already used are the following:

a) Agriculture.

Professional Drones can spray crops, plant new crops, monitor health and life of crops. These drones can make analysis of soil and field so as to improve the irrigation.

b) Fishing.

The high-performance professional fishing drones can handle the rainstorm and level 5 wind without any difficulty. They can plan the flight routes and throw baits with the high-torque servo at about 1.5km away.

c) Real Estate

These professional drones can shot aerial photos and film videos of real estate properties. Interested buyers can check the photos and videos of these properties so as to “make a complete picture of them”.

d) Mapping and Surveying

Drones can be used also to map different sections of an area. They can collect various images and videos that can be turned into 3d models, objects and maps.

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