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Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a way of promotion that has conquered the whole world. It is an advertising and informative method that uses from simple TVs to multiple high definition screens in various formats and sizes (video wall). These screens reproduce audiovisual material that either advertises products and services or informs customers of offers and corporate news.

It is used in department stores, entertainment venues, schools, libraries, public services, office buildings, medical facilities, hotels, restaurants, transportation, airports, train and bus stations, banks, car dealerships and other public spaces. The data displayed on the screen is updated in real time over a network.

There are many advantages in using digital dynamic signage over traditional non-dynamic communication methods. Digital messages can be instantly, coordinated and remotely updated while non-dynamic messages require physical movement, individual replacement and in many cases time-consuming processes.

Some of the most important categories of Digital Signage are the following:

a) 3D Hologram Showcase Display

The hologram showcase display is a fully integrated 3D holographic platform that combines the most advanced image processing technologies with a modern showcase. This enables a product to become the focus to make it look like never before. If used in a shop window, an exhibition or a museum, the hologram will definitely make the presentation of the product more attractive and interesting.

b) Multi-Touch Interactive Table

The multi-touch table is a multimedia solution that combines software and hardware together. It allows users to learn about a product, a company or an event, in a more interactive way. Essentially this product works in hybrid technology, education and advertising, as well as a source of information. The table is from 10.4 inches to 70 inches, with touch points from 2 to 64.

c) Interactive Augmented Reality LED Display

It implements AR technology on a large screen and the result is something that can change the way of advertising for many dealers. Companies are usually limited to indoors for their interactive ads. But using the large LED display in combination with the existing AR technology, several problems can be overcome. In this way, anyone can advertise their products outdoors by giving the audience an opportunity to interact rather than see a video over and over again.

d) Interactive Mirror Digital Signage Screen

Mirror Advertising Screen is a popular choice for customers looking for a Digital Signage screen with a difference. The screens come complete with a framed or frameless Mirror Overlay meaning the display integrates perfectly with any modern or traditional interior and when turned off, the screen disguises itself as a mirror! The mirror advertising screen also includes a HD media player allowing you to update media using a USB memory stick, while inbuilt Digital Signage software enables you to schedule content to appear at different points of the day. The displays also include inbuilt speakers and HDMI / VGA inputs for connecting to other media sources.

e) Wall Mounted

You can display the same or different content in one or more displays or you can even attach screens together to create huge video walls!

f) Floor Standing, Foldable and Customizable Digital Signage

These are customizable digital displays that you can control electronically by using a computer and allow you to change your content remotely in order to have the most efficient, effective, targeted messaging.

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