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As smart, portable and using state of the art technologies, Spy Gadgets are an indispensable part of the High-Tech Gadgets class.

Their origins stem from the beginnings of the 20th century, but it was not until the late ‘60s that these extraordinary devices became popular. Spy films played a significant role towards the market establishment of these products. Who doesn’t remember all these cool spy gadgets that James Bond used in order to confront the most ruthless criminals of the era! Other films also contributed to this rising trend.

The rapid technological growth conveyed the production of ever smaller and smarter devices. Thus, spy gadgets became widespread, especially for those having still a childish curiosity inside them. Also, for those acting as detectives or journalists. Misuse, on the other hand, leaded authorities to regulate against some of them. Reasonable use, thus, is of paramount importance.

Nowadays, there are plenty of spy gadgets. Trying to draw some parallels between them, we identify that the vast majority of spy gadgets are equipped with cameras, microphones, and –recently- smart microchips.

  • Camera-Equipped devices are, either fixed, or portable ones. To the fixed belong Security Cameras (real of fake), Wall Clocks and Decoration Items, and Movement Sensors with the ability to record video. To the portable ones belong Smart Pens, USB and Bluetooth Sticks, Smart Watches, Keychains, Headphones, and Sunglasses embedded with micro-cameras.
  • Microphone-Equipped devices are smaller and easier to use. Electronic Portable Walkie-Talkies, Walkie-Talkie Watches, Smart Pens and Wipers with internal microphones, even Smart Jewelries, such as earrings and necklaces, could be only a few of some possible examples.
  • Smart-Microchip-Equipped devices like Credit Cards and USB Sticks are the newest ones into this class. Microchips render almost any device to a gadget. Depending the technology used, any device could possibly be a spy gadget.

Spy gadgets altered the way we feel about security issues. Despite multiple government efforts to regulate the personal privacy field, spy products’ market is still on the rise. Almost everyone has access to spy gadgets online, but only a few beware of the consequences relative to their misuse. That’s why we are bounded to provide you only those gadgets that won’t’ get you into trouble, only the legal ones.

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