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Drones & Smart Vehicles

Drones are gaining more and more new enthusiasts every day who want to try crazy flights and shoot videos from above. At Newtech Store you will find a wide range of accessible drones in any size, with features that will surprise you. Small drones that can be inserted into your pocket so as to take them wherever you go, high resolution camera drones to shoot travel videos and sports, shooting drones and professional photography with three, four, six or even eight propellers and with stabilization systems for all requirements.

Drones for beginners without camera are new technology products available for all ages. All unmanned aerial devices are now called Drones so as to shorten their name. These devices in their origin were used by the army but now they are used for scientific purposes as well as for amusement and for hobby. In our days these drones are used remotely in filming and photography by various blockbuster films and by other scientific and media companies!

Get to know all kinds of camera drones! Did you learn to fly drone at the most unlikely places? Why not record them? The drone series with built-in camera comes to meet your needs. Buy drone camera with features from 480p to 4K, enabling you to choose exactly what you need for your videos. With the handy control you can control the drone’s body. You can control also the camera while using wi-fi you can send the image to your smartphone or tablet. Take off aerial selfie, record your bumpy maneuvers and fly over a range of up to 500 meters! In our website you can find the best personal drones for sale with camera but also the best flying drones for sale with camera.

Professional Drones for Photography and Video Recording are here! Fly safe with the obstacle-free systems and see the picture on the built-in display that has the controller and your smartphone. And the good news does not stop here! Enjoy the long range of up to 3.5 kilometers, the automatic take-off and the security provided by the built-in GPS not to lose its way and watch all the real-time functions and flight information through the smartphone and tablet application!

Now, the best drones to buy for kids are easy to fly, can be sold in a low cost of drones and are constructed in high quality. Purchase drones online now at where you can find a large variety of cheap drones online for beginners and kids! Shop drones for sale online in low prices for your kids or your family. Buy drones online in low prices with multiple rotors. In our website you can find very low the cost of drones but also of quality!

Smart Vehicles make it easy and exciting to get you where you’re going. From eco-friendly city scooters to neighborhood cruisers, electric-powered scooters, electric skateboards and hoverboards are the perfect way to put some zip in your ride. Step up, twist the throttle and charge into tons of fun!