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At 1960’s Robots have started to make their appearance. Later on robots have developed in various ways and they have been transformed into better and more intelligent versions. It would be a very elusive task to define robots and robotics into a single definition, even if the attention for robots and robotics in the media is growing bigger and bigger each day, but we will try to assemble its definition in a single sentence. ”A robot is an actuated mechanism programmable in two or more axes with a degree of autonomy, moving within its environment, to perform intended tasks. Autonomy in this context means the ability to perform intended tasks based on current state and sensing, without human intervention.”

This definition is the most frequently used for defining a robot. Does this definition leave room for interpretations? Of course it leaves! For start there is a degree of autonomy of the robots the amount of which it is difficult to specify. Moreover robots can perform intended tasks that can be held either by the robot or the programmer or even the end user. When a robot moves within its environment we don’t know exactly the definition of ‘environment’. A virtual agent could qualify when a robot moves through its software environment. What about human intervention? The amount of a human intervention can define if an object is a robot or not? What about robots that do not fulfill these criteria?  For example the surgical robotics are considered as a type of robot even if they often do not have autonomy.

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