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Fidget spinners are among the best-selling products of the Smart Toys class. No wondering why, since they are cheap, easy to use and stress relieving.

A fidget spinner is a toy which is designed to spin with very little effort. It usually consists of a bearing ball, in the center of the structure, together with multiple leaves, aimed to spin along the central axis. This very simple construction can be traced back to the mid ‘90s, but only recently fidget spinners became popular. Children all over the world began using, or even just trading them, in school. Adults, also, started to make use of them and –especially- in the office.

To this rising trend, significantly contributed some major features that could be attached to this simple device. First of all, they have fun! Especially the brand new ones, which come with led lights, multiple colors and designs, or even sounds for an amazing experience. Moreover, a fidget spinner toy is claimed to have stress-relieving effects, helping thus people who experience stress in class and, mostly, in working environments. Although there is no scientific evidence, some claim that even neurological disorders, like anxiety and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), could be alleviated with the use of this product.

Whether or not these claims stand, fidget spinners are popular and that’s because they have fun. Nowadays, you can choose among LED Light Fidget Spinner, Intelligent App Control Fidget Spinner, which come with Bluetooth Speakers, or Gyro Spinners with LED Lights and Music. These little devices are –all the more- getting controlled by Smartphones, adding fun and joy to their features.

There are, though, some critical issues that should be considered when it comes to find the most suitable fidget spinners for sale. Taking under consideration that these toys are usually gifts for little kids, the most important feature should be the safety provided by those products. Although rare, there are cases where low quality products cached fire. Safety has also to do with the material used and the injury-probability level. In general, you should choose soft material, when it comes to kids, and bear in mind that you should buy only from good and reputable shops online.

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