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Video Cameras and Projectors, together with the Mp3s, Mp4s and the brand new Mp5s, are an inherent part of the High-Tech Audio & Video class.

In general, a video camera is a device used to electronically acquihire motion picture. It is one of the most profound innovations of the 20th century, and its origins stem from the early photographic and movie cameras. Movie cameras recorded images on a film. On the contrary, a digital video camera records the motion picture on a hard disk and creates a video file for further use. There are various types of video cameras, relative to their use. Professional video cameras, such as those used in TV studios. Camcorders (the most popular) usually combine a camera with a recording device in the same unit. Camcorders are mobile, easy to use and have multiple applications, from journalism until family entertainment. Other types include CCTVs, mostly used for security issues, and Webcams for internet communication. Let us not forget, the Smartphones’ built-in video cameras.

On the other hand, a projector is an optical device that projects an image, or a motion image, on a screen. More specific, a video projector works by receiving a video signal and projects the relative motion picture on a projection screen, via an embedded lens system. Image projectors considered to be a very old innovation. However, video projectors are newer and make use of the latest technologies to provide us with the best output. The old mercury lamps have been replaced by new LED technology ones, or even by optic lasers. The result is not only to project a motion picture, but also to correct some features, such as the curves and blurriness. The most profound use of video projectors is for academic and professional purpose. Recently, though, video projectors proved useful for family entertainment scopes, such as home-theaters.

Latest projectors, such as the Crenova Portable Mini LED Projector with Android Connection, offer far more capabilities in terms of brightness and resolution output. Brightness can reach up to 3200 lumens and resolution up to 4K! Energy consumption, though, is very low due to the use of LED technology. For those pursuing action, the Portable HD 1.8 Inch Video Camcorder is a very good choice. Coming with an anti-shake design, built-in microphone and speaker and a video resolution up to HD 1280p.

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