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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – holography is no exception!

Holograms are essentials to our technology as they enable the administration of light; managing its movement and control. We offer a small hologram projector with a proportionately small pupil. The holographic waveguide in our projectors clones this pupil maximum time, permitting the eye to view the full picture from several diverse scenes. If you’d like to use this fun little device for yourself, head over to New Tech Store. Upon conclusion, it is also exceptionally easy to use. You don’t need special guidance or anything to operate our hologram projectors. Setting the pyramid on top is all you want to create a cool holographic effect. We use holographic methods to design 3d printing.

Our Holograms & 3D – Digital Signage products like hologram projectors, hologram lamps, and of course 3D Pens offer an impressive technology that represents the efficient cooperation of humans with the digital context. It is a massive change; where 3D imaging technologies are used efficiently to approach difficulties in learning, practice, analysis, gaming, and other relevant areas. Our hologram technology forms a close link between the customer and the product in directions that were impossible in the last decades.  Our 3D hologram’s augmented existence isn’t just a new practice; it is our tardiest level in connecting the actual world with the ever-growing closeness of a digital photograph.  It’s a unique project revising the use of interesting art and photographic practice in an effective smooth design.

Something that you will need to properly experience is the cool holographic effect.
Nowadays, most users don’t communicate with holograms usually as they do with conventional OOH promotion and social media selling. As social media is becoming even more over-focused with ads, and customers are being attacked with advertisements on a daily basis. In this situation, our 3D – Digital Signage is something distinct and different that is appealing to dormant clients. If you noticed a holographic advertisement on the road today, you’d presumably quit, take a photo, and share it with your colleagues. Although, you wouldn’t do the corresponding with every signboard or social media ad that you see. So that’s the reason that at New Tech Store we are constantly working for our customers to give them the best marketing choice as marketers are constantly seeking techniques to get the attention of dormant shoppers and distinguish themselves from the people.

An art unto itself, Our holography products are a cause of Attraction for many.