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Portable video games, as well as tablets, are part of the Smart Toys category. Both are extremely popular to children, but also adults, seeking to find a companion in the form of game console or a tablet related device.

Handheld game consoles are usually small and portable video games with an embedded screen, controls and speakers. It could be said that they are the smaller version of a home video game console. Their origins can be traced back to the mid ‘70s, when Mattel introduced the first handheld electronic game, named Auto Race. Handheld video games, though, became very popular at the late ‘80s, when Nintendo Game Boy dominated the relative market. In our times, there are plenty of these games, offering great graphic experience, multiple choices and far more connectivity features.

The conception of tablets, on the other hand, is an older issue. A tablet is a mobile device, similar to a PC, with an operating system, a touch-sensitive screen, a rechargeable battery and multiple connectivity options. It is argued that tablets are the evolution of the Notebooks, offering similar computing power in a smaller and smarter outfit. The idea of a tablet computer can be traced back to the late 18th century and became widely popular through the sci-fi films of the era, depicting relative devices of the future. However, early tablets appeared in the late ‘80s from well-known brands, such as IBM and Apple. Apple, specifically, introduced the modern era of the tablet-related products in 2010, establishing iPad as the most popular tablet for years.

Nowadays, many firms have embraced the race to deliver the best handheld game console and tablet. The origins of these firms are –all the more- from Asia, a place where the most profound companies of the high-tech sector locate. The newest handheld gaming console buy online trends come with greater life span of the battery, far more features and an excellent graphic experience. Gaming devices like the KINGHAN 4.3 Inch Handheld Game Player and the PAP GAMETA II 4.3 Inch Handheld Game Player, which both support an MP5 Video Player, or tablets like the Chuwi Hi9 Plus 10.8″ Android Tablet and the Chuwi HeroBook 14.1 Inch PC with Quad Core.

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