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For years now, a well-established Hi-Tech Gadget for those pursuing accuracy and professional work is a Laser Light Pointer Pen.

Laser Pointers and Pens are small handheld devices emitting a usually low-powered laser beam, with the aid of a laser diode and a battery. The main purpose of a laser light pen is to pinpoint something of interest by shedding light on it. Most of them were introduced in the early ‘80s, costing hundreds of dollars. The beam-path is usually invisible, but recent advances (for high-powered models) enabled the generation of a beam visible even in the day light. Nowadays, the low-cost availability of these devices rendered them popular to the public, and promoted the production of multiple models with varying characteristics.

Two (2) are the critical features of these devices: The Beams Emitted Color, and the Devices Power.

  • The Beams Emitted Color is closely related with the lasers wavelength. Broadly commercial and low-cost models emit a red or red-orange light with a wavelength of 630nm to 670nm. Other emit an orange, yellow or green light. Specifically, the green light laser pointer pen (around 800nm) appeared on the market around 2000, embedding a brand new technology making the beam-path visible through the air and were especially useful for astronomers in order to indicate stars and constellations. Recently, blue and violet emitting laser pointers emerged, generating beams around 400 to 470nm.
  • The Devices Power is a critical factor when it comes to safety issues. Nowadays, many products offer a power range from 1mW up to 50000mW, but in most cases the power offered for commercial use does not exceed 5mW (the eye injury relative threshold). US and European authorities have regulated the relative field, in order to prevent malicious use and severe injuries.

Hazards related to the use of laser pointer devices are eye injuries, fire risks and misuse. In general, eye injuries are caused when the power of the device exceeds the threshold of 5mW. Fire risks are closely associated with (rare) expensive models, generating a high-power beam. Misuse has to do with people who use laser pointers only to annoy or distract others. The use of these products varies from military purposes up to entertainment ones. Their primary use, however, is to pinpoint things from a distance. Therefore, an academic and professional use.

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