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Amidst the High-Tech Gadgets group, Smart Toys prevail rendering a joyful experience to a course about the future trends.

Scientists underlie the importance of playing for the kid’s growth and balance. From the ancient times, toys were a substantial part of playing. Each culture created its own “means” for the act of playing, its own toys. Ceramic, wooden and handmade in the past, plastic, manufactured and smart recently.

Toys, and especially the educational ones, help kids built various skills and abilities. They help them socialize, sharing their toys, and making compromises. They promote the kid’s ability to solve problems, and to learn the consequences of their actions. They boost their creativity and their imagination. Playing contributes to the development of their cognitive and motor skills, strengthening thus their personality features. Moreover, smart toys for kids are much more beneficial, helping them to “keep in touch”, from the very young age, with the recent technological developments. Also, by staying focused on the playing, kids improve their concentration and enhance their senses.

Smart toys could be defined as those that can effectively adjust to the abilities of the player. This is made possible by inducing microprocessors technology in –otherwise- simple toys. They can be networked with other toys and may consist of various parts, such as screens, lamps, buttons, and storage devices. Usb ports and other connectivity features have recently been an inherent part of this toys. In general, a smart toy is kind of controlled by an embedded software that gives toy the ability to “behave” according to (pre-settled) patterns. The user, however, can intervene in various ways and “adjust” these patterns. The act of playing indeed is a pattern-modification procedure, where the player develops cognitive skills and boosts decision-making processes.

Handhelds game consoles, tablets, led toys, and remote-controlled toys could be only a few examples of what this class may include. Robots prevail, such as speaking dinosaurs and weather predicting clouds, rendering thus a special class (see Robots section). A significant issue, however, is the safety provided by these smart toys. It’s not only the materials used to manufacture the product, but also the relative software. Data protection (including voice data from speakers) should be of the outmost importance, when it comes to choosing a smart toy for your loved ones.

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