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These extraordinary flying devices are part of the Drones & Smart Vehicles class.

Drones (also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – UAV) are flying devices without the need of a human pilot. A typical drone consists of three (3) parts: the flying device, a ground control station, and a system that enables the communication between them. Drones or UAVs have a long history. The first device of its kind was introduced in the late 19th century, serving as a balloon carrier, a precursor of the recent aircraft carrier. Massive UAVs innovations, however, took place at the 20th century, following the military needs of the era. The latest version of the drone became widely popular in the 21st century, serving in many other fields apart from their primary military use. Nowadays drones are useful for scientific, recreational and agricultural purposes and, latest, for government scopes, such as fire protection, civil protection and virus control issues.

In order to take off, drones use a multirotor technology, similar to a helicopter. First commercial drones used to be tri- or quadcopters. Recently, though, more powerful drones emerged, such as hexacopters and octocopters, offering multiple advantages in relation to their predecessors. A hexacopter drone is a flying device equipped with 6 rotors, offering greater stability, precision and power. Thanks to its 6 rotor system, it is easier to control, more quiet, and it can withstand the higher altitude winds. A critical advantage, though, is the safety provided by its design, making it suitable for beginners and enjoying greater acceptance by the local authorities, in order to provide a flight permission (when needed).

Newest models come with all the state-of-the-art technologies, such as full high definition cameras, 360 degrees video recording, long-lasting rechargeable batteries, led lights, low weight and environmentally friendly materials, making them suitable for various applications. Beginners, as well as professional photographers, bloggers and youtubers will find themselves familiar with the use of such products. Kids, also, from 8 years and above, could enjoy the benefits of such a futuristic technology. These products offer a great quality and come with a very low price, such the DJI F550 Multi-Rotor Hexacopter Drone Kit, or the JJRC H20 Mini Hexacopter Drone.

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