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Nowadays, everybody knows what a Gadget is. The most possible answer would be a small and smart device with the ability to do certain functions. Many years ago, however, things would be more complicated.

The word “Gadget” emerged in the late 18th century, referring to usually small technical items that could not be described by another name. It is closely related, though, with the rapid growth of the software industry. In this perspective, a Gadget is a small self-contained unit of high performance, in relation to its cost and size. The main purpose of gadgets is to meet various human needs, whilst remaining friendly to use and/or to install. High-Tech Gadgets appeared more recently, embedding cutting-edge technology and multiple innovations, which made them widely available to the public.

The act of classification of this widely spread class would be a really demanding task. However, there are certain features, relative to their functionality, that could help us distinguish among them. In general, new high tech gadgets could be classified as follows:

  • Bluetooth & USB Gadgets, suitable for smartphones, laptops and other state of the art devices. They boost their connectivity and work together with these devices to provide the ultimate user experience.
  • Digital Drawing Tablets (also known as Digitizers), which can be used for a professional and/or an entertainment purpose, and enhance the creativity of the user.
  • Musical Gadgets, targeted to those youngsters that love to hear and know everything about their favorite artists.
  • Laser Pointer & Pens, with a certainly more academic-oriented scope, to make the scientists life simpler and easier.
  • Led Gadgets, that beautify our home and living conditions, whilst saving energy resources and rendering a “greener” planet.
  • Spy Gadgets, for those that the need to “find out” is of paramount importance, and those that they want to feel secure about what’s happening around them.

High-tech gadgets constitute a largely evolving group, and some other classes have been proposed recently as an inherent part of this class. These could also include Gaming Gadgets, such as handheld gaming consoles, Smart Watches with notebook-related functions, 3D-printers, and medical gadgets to secure a healthier lifestyle.

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