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This class encompasses the latest state-of-the-art trends in the relative fields of audio and video products.

A hi-tech product could be defined as an innovation in a market sector. A product that is new, embedding high technology, and serving the constantly rising needs of the people. Hi tech audio emerged lately as a result of the digital audio music industry. It brings the benefits of a clear sound experience, together with the ability to store and share music files. New codecs and file formats emerged, but also devices in order to reproduce these files. From Mp3s and Mp4s we are now moving into the Mp5 and Mp6 era! Hi tech audio systems became popular for home and car use. Besides, tiny devices for everyday use, such as Mp3 and Mp4 players dominated the market. All the more these gadgets get faster, offer more features and deliver an exceptional sound experience.

In parallel with the hi-tech audio evolution, hi tech video benefited the most. A couple of decades ago, films were widely recorded on tapes and any further editing was a somehow difficult task. Nowadays, almost every home is surrounded by these hi-tech video products, such as smart TVs, camcorders, video projectors and so on. Multiple file formats emerged, delivering better motion image quality, at smaller file sizes. Some years ago a good quality video file would reach up to 1 GB. The same video today would “cost” lower than the half in hard disks’ storage capacity. Video resolution reached up to 8K and bitrates up to 100Mb/s!

The most important, though, is that this kind of technology became affordable, thus widely popular. Hi tech audio and video manufacturers multiplied, especially in low-cost countries, thus giving a boost in the relative sector. Various other enterprises linked themselves with this market, providing total home cinema solutions, professional audio upgrade schemes for bars and audio halls and security video systems for large companies around the world. Almost every household took advantage from this hi-tech audio and video era.

For your convenience, we have further classified this class into four (4) subcategories, representing the major trends in both hi tech audio video solutions. These are the Mp3, Mp4 and Mp5 Players’ classes, together with the Video Cameras and Projectors’ class. Enjoy the trip into the hi tech audio video era, that our store, NewTechStore, brings to you. In our store you can find tiny touch screen Mp3 and Mp4 players, boat-looking Mp4 players and the brand new Mp5 player, with a large LCD screen and multiple connectivity features. Get now the chance and buy hi tech audio to your loved ones, make a present to you, providing the latest video projectors to support your professional work. It’s not anymore an advantage aimed only to academics, rather a professional gadget to make your life easier. Get video hi-tech products and buy a camcorder to store the precious moments of your life, the moments that make our lives count!