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Visualize that you have a tiny assistant that assists you completely in your daily life cycle. It shuffles your desired songs to have you smiling, tells you of the meetings you noted in your schedule, and gets assured you don’t overlook to take enough liquid and do your workout. New Tech Store understands what you’re pondering; Our little assistant can smoothly unite into your living without diverting you from the essential stuff? Our Audio & Video Glasses – glasses that have mp3 & video features in the pagodas- are a trendy wearable product that helps you in all circumstances. They keep your hands unoccupied. No matter you’re baking, noting down your to-do list, or driving a stroller, your hands are unengaged to do the stuff you prefer. There are no wires that can go upset, nor they are like wireless headphones that slip out of your ears. Not only do our audio & video glasses hold your ears open for revelation from your environment, but they also unoccupied you with annoying earphones. Moreover, our devices deliver super fair music that runs accurately into your ears – without anyone among you hear it. All of this gets your working more effective while having you smart and cool at the same time. By not staying separated from the surroundings, you remain responsive to the subjects of your friends.

Keep Rocking when Your Glasses are Talking!

We want the most suitable Mp3 & Video Glasses for your ears, and the best for your eyes. That is why New Tech Store manufactured premium-quality lenses into its glasses that shield your eyes from either sunshine or screen light. Anyone who will meet you on the way will not instantly see that you are carrying high-tech wearable glasses. What your friends will notice are stylish, smart glasses that beautify your look. And they respond just as exciting, staying adorable and made of tangible, skin-friendly poly-vinyl. Our Smart glasses utilize movement and voice identification to concoct orders from their wearer. A touchpad is also usable on the glasses’ rim. To present the desired message, the glasses work as on transferring minute sets of messages directly to the wearer through a micro-projector, doing a separate way of connection that can only be obtained by the wearer.

Staring how you will charge your glasses? You do not require a power board, because our smart glasses come with a charging box that also operates as a power bank, which enables you to charge them numerously. So feel free to buy our top-class Audio and Video Glasses. You can personalize your glasses with an app. You are a smart guy, and your glasses must be too. With the concerned app, you can compose the audio & video broadcasts with your glasses precisely as you desire them.

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