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An integral part of the High-Tech Gadgets class is Bluetooth and Usb related gadgets. Both are well-established technological innovations that altered the information’s storage and transmission.

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that gives user the ability to exchange data over short distances using radio waves. It emerged in the early ‘90s, but since then further improvements took place and rendered this kind of technology an indispensable part of many modern devices. Recently, smartphones, TVs, notebooks, even cars offer this kind of connectivity feature. The radius of a Bluetooth network typically ranges up to 10 meters, and it can hold up to 8 devices on. Newest protocols, such Bluetooth 5.0 or higher, are bounded with benefits, such as faster data transmission and better security standards.

On the other hand, Usb (Universal Serial Bus) was introduced with the scope to standardize the connection of peripheral devices to the central unit. It is an industry standard and it can be used to promote the transmission of both data and energy among the devices. It first appeared in the mid ’90s (as USB 1.0), but since then further protocols raised the data exchange speed up to 40Gbps (for the brand new USB 4.0). It surely “eliminated” other storage mediums, such as floppy disks and CDs, raising the data-storage capacity and promoting, thus, the diffusion of knowledge and information.

Nowadays, usb gadgets and Bluetooth gadgets are common among us. The technology used is well-known. There are, however, some features that should be considered when it comes to buy usb gadgets or Bluetooth ones. Indicatively:

  • The Protocols Used. Protocols are some kind of versions of these devices. Bluetooth 4.0 or higher and USB 3.1 or higher (both released about 2014) are thought to be good choices.
  • The Data Speed. Data speed exchange is closely related to the versions of each device. Previously mentioned versions (or higher) provide an adequate data transmission ratio. Especially for Usb devices, beware of those claiming a USB 4.0, which is a brand new technological innovation and, until now, not really widespread. A USB 3.2 port connection is an excellent choice.
  • The Storage Capacity. There are multiple versions, reaching up 1TB of storage (rare though!), for Usb gadgets. The critical point when it comes to choose the right gadget is to think about your needs, not having to pay extra money for unnecessary storage. A capacity between 8Gb and 32Gb is a very good choice.
  • Last but not least, the Gadgets Design. It may be the most important feature for modern users. A beautifully designed, and easy-to-use and carry device is of great significance. In the end, it is a gadget, so it should be modern and sic!

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