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Led Bracelet is one of the most useful Led gadgets. It’s a bright bracelet that encloses your wrist or ankle on your leg with a simple move.

It is ideal for running or cycling. You can also wear it in dark places with lots of people like concerts or an outdoor party so you do not miss each other. You can wear it to your child and know at all times that it has not been removed since it will draw your attention to the bright light of it. But it is also a way to give color and light to our everyday life. A perfect gift for all ages.

The safety of your kids (running around at night) is now easier with the technology of light up bracelets, LED blinking wristbands and other flashing accessories.

The colors of LED bracelets can coordinate with almost every music from party themes, band themes, or other crowed gatherings and they are visible and a unique way to make sure everyone is accounted for. In our website you can checkout out all our Led Bracelets, glow in the dark bracelets         and other wearable LED accessories in various colors, styles, sizes that can be activated by sound and motion.

Luminous LED bracelet with sound glows and flashes in darkness. Easy and convenient to wear and remove. Perfect for outdoor activities, parties, night activities, concert and all kinds of night life fun. Voice controlled, when DB is higher, the light of the led bracelet will be brighter. It is equipped with switch control to power off when not use.

A new technology in LED bracelets is Xylobands wristbands. They contain inside them a radio receiver that received wireless signals from the controller. The radio receiver is inside a plastic case and the Xylobands are made of thick fabric with LED’s inside it. The range of the signals is 250 meters and they are sent by a handheld remote controller, or by a laptop connected to radio transmitter 300 meters away. These wristbands can be programmed to flash on and off at specific intervals and at specific loudness. It is better no to be lit outside concerts and parties because they may not work properly.

Live entertainment is getting richer and more interesting by the use of Drome LED wristband. This wristband can motivate the audience to be involved in the show and to make the audience part of the show. The ultra-high intensity white strobe LED and several multi-color LEDS are part of the Drome LED wristband. Inside the wristband there is a battery that contains high energy. The battery combined with the above mentioned LED’s will light up the whole area. The effects that these wristbands will create (bright strobe flashes and changing colors) will enchant the audience and will make it excited!

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