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Mp3 players, together with Mp4s and Mp5s, are an essential part of the High-Tech Audio & Video class. Despite the fact that an mp3 audio player is kind of an old-fashioned device, mp3s still dominate the relative market.

Mp3 is a codec. It is based on various audio data compression techniques, that make possible the creation of small-sized audio file with excellent audio quality. The origins of this brand new innovation can be traced back to the early ‘80s, but it was not until the mid ‘90s that these devices emerged for commercial use. The world’s first mp3 device was introduced by a South Korean company, in the late ‘90s. Since then, various industries, such as the auto industry, incorporated this innovation into their products. The first devices were of very low storage capacity, a fact that changed rapidly in the following years. Newest models are smaller, with rechargeable batteries and offer various commodities, such as headphones and connectivity features.

Despite newest innovations, such as the mp4s and mp5s, mp3s are still modern devices. Nowadays, a digital mp3 player does a far better job, storing entire music libraries, at higher bitrates and offering the best quality music at any place. As “old-fashioned” devices, mp3s are good for two more reasons. First because of their extreme durability. Having no-screen features (some of them) and focusing only to deliver a high quality sound, mp3s consume this way very low energy and provide the user with far more autonomy than any other device. Secondly, the no-screen features can also help some people who attempt to get a distance from the constant “socializing-effect” (Facebook, twitter They are suitable for those who want to focus only in music.

Newest trends added to mp3 devices new features, such as sport and toy ones. A good choice for those pursuing sport would be the Sports MP3 Music Player with TF Slot, which is mini-sized, portable and easy to carry. For kids, the Portable Mini Car MP3 Player with TF Slot, or the SpongeBob MP3 Music Player with TF Slot, would be only a few of the available choices. Both models are funny enough to raise your little loved ones’ curiosity about technological issues. Besides, they offer high security standards and are made from eco-friendly materials, suitable for kids and children.

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