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We all certainly know that Mp3 is an audio file format and that Mp3 players are the designed devices aimed to deliver this sound. Some of us also know that Mp4 is a video file format and that Mp4 players deliver both sound and video experience. So what exactly is an Mp5 player? Are there any Mp5 files? Mp5 files do not exist, but Mp5 players do and, together with the Mp4s and Mp3s constitute the major part of the High-Tech Audio & Video class.

Sometimes technological advances lead to misunderstanding, so let us make some things clear. “Mp5 Player” was the term used by a China OEM manufacturer to discriminate the new advanced Portable Media Player device from others (Mp3s and Mp4s). So, it could be claimed that Mp5 Player is the marketing-oriented term, that could make clear that this brand new device differs. The truth is that one can hardly spot any difference between the latest Mp4s and a mp5 digital player. So, we need to look a bit closer.

Both Mp4s and Mp5s support the reproduction of many file types. Amongst them are .mpeg, .avi, .3gp, .wmv, .dat and many other well-known formats. But a digital mp5 player play these files directly, without having to convert them in a .mp4 file format. This fact offers a critical advantage to Mp5 players, that save resources in order to provide a higher performance and a quicker response to the users’ commands. The second critical advantage is that only the Mp5s have the ability to –directly- play Real Player videos (the so called. Rm format). In simple words, a mp5 hd media player is a model of a mp4 player with far more capabilities, and the above mentioned two critical advantages.

Newest state-of-the-art Mp5 players, such as the LANQIN HD MP5 Video Player with 4.3 Inch LCD Screen offer various new capabilities, such as FM radio receiver, ID3 lyrics display, photo-browsing and game functions. Other, like the Mayitr Slim MP5 Video Player with 3.0 Inch LCD Screen offer the above mentioned plus a built-in microphone recording function. There are also mp5 players that are used even as GPS devices in cars, trucks and other vehicles.

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