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One of the most interesting fields in new technologies is without doubt Artificial intelligence (AI). To define the term of “artificial intelligence” it is a very hard process, which can be compared to the process of defining the term “robot” and “robotics”. The definition of Ultimate AI can refer to a machine made by human hands with the intellectual abilities and competences of humans, trying to recreate to the human thoughts as well as possible.

Some of the human intellectual abilities are the abilities to learn, to use language, to reason and the most difficult of them to create new conceptions and ideas. Although the progress to the artificial intelligence is almost at the beginning some companies have made a lot of progress with into the field of limited artificial intelligence. The replication of specific elements of human thoughts is an achievement of the AI machines in our days.

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The robots with artificial intelligence is a real challenge to understand exactly how the work and interact in a specific environment. To develop an AI it is a difficult task due to the reason that it do not exist a concrete model of AI so as to work with it. Imagine that the human brain is functioning through billions of neurons that they are connected between them by electricity in various ways. This circuit of electrical neurons is almost impossible to understand it.

We would like to mention though that the AI research is a natural evolution of the human and animal intelligence. The AI combined with the robotic design helps us understand better the anatomy of humans as well as animals. Imagine a future world where AI robots and humans will live together and help each other is a variety of tasks such as medicine, manual labor, health care and aviation.

Following human evolution into Homo sapiens, it is predicted that man will evolve in the future into a hybrid, which will be the result of the union of humans with the robots (Homo Cyborg). In the future people could integrate their minds into robotic machines and manage in that way to prolong their lives for a lot more decades!

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