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Artificial Intelligent Remote Control Robot Dinosaur

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Roboraptor has fluid bi-pedal motion: walking, running and predatory gaits. His body movements are so realistic, from the turning of his head and neck to the whipping of his tail. He has three distinct moods: Hunter, cautious, and playful. He responds with mood-specific behaviors and sounds, as well as mood-dependent behavior. He is multi-sensory including touch sensors in his tail, chin, and mouth; sonic sensors with an infra-red vision system that detects objects in his path or approaching him. The small, intricately-constructd pieces of Roboraptor’s body make his body movements seem so realistic and dinosaur-like. Kids will love this real-dinosaur experience!

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Item specifics

  • Gender:Unisex
  • Age Range:> 3 years old
  • Item Type:Model
  • Model Number:tt320
  • Soldier Accessories:Soldier Finished Product
  • By Animation Source:Western Animiation
  • Warning:other
  • Condition:In-Stock Items
  • Material:Plastic
  • Version Type:First Edition
  • Mfg Series Number:Battery Operated
  • Puppets Type:Mechanical Animal
  • Remote Control:Yes
  • Theme:Movie & TV
  • Size:L
  • Dimensions:Figure
  • Completion Degree:Finished Goods
  • Commodity Attribute:Peripherals
  • Scale:other
  • Bundle type:bundle four

1 basic operating modes 

Remote prey. Advance. Jogging. Retreat. Turn left. Turn right. Left bend. Right bend. Stopped. Head clockwise.

Counterclockwise rotation of the head. Tail left. Tail to the right. Bite.

2 defensive mode 

Will issue a roar and react when you hear the sound of moving objects or see action. Sometimes turn its head also issued breath sound

3 Laser Tracking 

Laser tracking lamp emits blue light on the remote control. Pointing to the blue spot on the front of mechanical mine Pa about 30CM ground. Hold down the button to keep

the light at this time of mechanical mine Pa will move towards the spot. Whether spot moving to any direction toward mechanical mine Pa spot will close

4 any roaming mode 

Under the case of switching to this mode and then after three minutes undisturbed after enters

Any roaming mode and begin to explore their own surroundings

~ Like a real biological-like to the new environment filled with curious and adventurous heart ~

~ Whole series of performance lifelike really astonishing ~

~ ~ Big sigh clever technology today

~ And to perform 10 minutes or so from entering sleep mode off ~

The body itself has a sound sensor. Infrared video sensors, when the mechanical mine Pa hanging around when it will use its video hardware device to circumvent the obstacle sense.

– Dinosaur itself uses 8 AA batteries

– Infrared remote control uses three AA batteries

– Adopt high-band infrared remote control


Note: This order is not including batteries

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