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The vast majority of the High-Tech Gadget market refers, nowadays, to the music-related industry. They are smart, easy-to-use, mobile and offer a unique experience almost everywhere.

Since the late ‘60s, when the first Digital Audio was introduced, things changed rapidly in the music sector. Digital audio is a sound that has been recorded in (or even converted into) a digital form. Through the use of a Pulse Code Modulation (kind of a Codec), the analog electrical signal (representing the sound), is being transformed into a digital one. The greatest benefits of this are the ability to easily store, edit, copy and further modify the sound.

This revolutionary innovation created a whole market in the next years, relative to the production and distribution of sound recordings, and also the rights of the owners. New codecs and devices emerged in the ‘90s and the millennium era, providing us with cool music gadgets, such as CD-Players, MP3-Players, and iPods. The majority of them handled with the “Music Consumption” section, later known as “Music Gadgets” market.

On the other hand, there are gadgets that have to do with the “Music Production” sector. These are called “Musical Gadgets”, though there is a certain confusion about the clear differences of these two notions. In general, musical gadgets promote the production and, sometimes, the editing of the music. In this class, we could possibly include the following:

  • Karaoke Microphones, suitable for laptops and/or smartphones, providing the ability to the talented ones to further promote their skills. Newest models are fully equipped with usb and Bluetooth technology, securing their connectivity features.
  • Piano and Violin Learning Gloves and/or Pens, that help kids and children to reveal the hidden “maestro” inside them.
  • Electronic Drumsticks, offering a realistic drum-playing experience.
  • Connected Drum Kits for kids, letting them to create their music and beats from their very young age.
  • Smartphone-sized Synthesizers, with the ability to work both with an analog or a digital sound. Once introduced, Synthesizers were a very popular product. Newest models, however, differ providing far more functions and connectivity features.
  • Smart Guitarist Tools, providing them with a full list of alternative pre-settled tunings. It’s like having a personal trainer in your home, giving you knowledge about the right tuning.
  • Multi Instrument Devices, serving either as guitars and drum pads, or as pianos and synthesizers.

The rapid growth of the relative market gave us the ability to choose among various products. Key factors should be the safety of the product, and the functions available, plus the price.

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