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Smart nail is an extraordinary way of combination of fashion, style and technology. It is a new technological art product that will draw the attention of everyone. The microchip inside the smart nail is constructed by nano technology able to transform to an inductive IC card that can stimulate and copy any data. It has several utilities and it can function as a hospital card, a parking card,  a shopping card, a membership card, an elevator card, a bus card, an access control card etc. All kind of your private information can be saved to this smart nail. For instance you can save on these nail your accounts, memo, schedules, customer list etc. You can define your nail touch sensor as the only way of viewing, editing, saving and restoring your private information of your clients, patients, suppliers, buyers etc.

These smart nails can be the safest key of your privacy given the fact that you can set APP and screen lock randomly. Smart nails can be reused without the need of charging and they have a high grade of waterproof. They use materials that are tasteless, of high medical level, without any radiation and non-toxic.

The JAKCOM N2 Nail Wearable Gadgets is the ideal combination between technology and fashion. The JAKCOM N2 Smart Nail Set has three different built-in models that have different functions. N2M can copy and simulate to become any inductive IC card, N2F can connect with phone via NFC to run a wide variety of function, and N2L will twinkle when it near any high-frequency signal. This will enable you to performance a range of technical tasks using your fingertips. JAKCOM has been designed with medical-level material, ensuring you are safe while using the nail sets. The NF2 smart nail built-in a new NFC chip of N X P Semiconductors, with exclusive Application, so it can run a wide variety of functions, let you immediately become the fashion player who are able to play the latest technology.

The N2L nail smart is the second generation of LED nail tip, made by a new generation flexible circuit board that needed 28 technological processes so as to construct it and have only 0.1mm thick. This way your nail can twinkle when it come close to a high-frequency signal making the perfect woman accessory of modern art design.

Redefine your digital life by making the perfect combination of technology and fashion with the “smart” nails! Easy placement in just 2 steps and easy to paint while their thickness ranges from 0.05 to 0.13 mm! Wear them and touch your mobile to unlock, launch apps, enter private notes, make security settings, and transfer codes. It is also used instead of membership card / parking etc. or POS systems for one-touch online payments! Perfect application to every type of nail, natural effect and unique style. (Caution: Your smartphone must have NFC – Near-Field Communication).

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