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Some of the first drones were using cameras that were not suitable to shoot scenes in the air. They used wide angle lens that was creating barrel distortion in almost every video.

The optical and digital zoom was integrated into camera drones in last years through integrated gimbals. Latest aerial zoom cameras have a 30x optical and 6x digital zoom and a magnification of up to 180x. In order to film, take detailed shots and detect damages in buildings, components and wires some of the renewable energy companies are using in their drones this technology of optical and digital zoom. Some of these companies use also a night vision camera and thermal infrared into their camera drones.

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In Hollywood some producers and advertising firms use Gimbal technology so as to provide to their films cinematic quality. This technology can capture quality film and photos in the air as well as 3d imagery. Using that technology the director can create unique angles while the camera drone flights by tilting the camera.

A new technology is photogrammetry mapping; a drone can be programmed to fly in a specific area and to use autonomous GPS navigation. The drone can take shots and photos they can be used to create 3D images as well as 3d maps and models.

Another essential feature of camera drones is to include video software of excellent quality, which will store images information for processing them in the future in the best way.

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