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Virtual reality (VR) is an immersive experience that is able be similar to or completely different from the real environment. There are a lot of applications of virtual reality that include education (for example military or medical training) entertainment (for example video games), and business (for example virtual conferences). There are two versions of vr equipment; immersive virtual reality and text-based by network VR (known as “Cyberspace”). The immersive virtual reality glasses change your view, when you move your head. While both vr glasses for pc are suitable for training, Cyberspace is better for learning from a distance.

At the moment, virtual reality systems use either best affordable vr headset or multi-projected worlds to generate realistic sounds, images and other sensations that can simulate a user’s presence in a virtual world. A person using virtual reality equipment can stare around the virtual environment, move around in it, and interact with immersive features or objects. VR headsets that create this virtual effect consists of a head-mounted vr device with a small screen in front of the eyes of the user, but also special designed rooms that are equipped with huge screens can create this virtual effect. There are a lot of types of sensory that virtual reality typically includes like auditory and video feedback, but also other types of sensory as well as force feedback through haptic technology.

– Simulation-based virtual reality is the one of the methods by which virtual reality can be realized. For example the driving simulators can give the driver that uses the simulator the impression that actually drives a real vehicle. It predicts the motion of the vehicle when the driver inputs and it feeds back by sending visual, motion and audio cues to the driver.

– Another virtual reality method is avatar image-based virtual reality, where people can join the virtual world in the type of real video and also as an avatar. Each user can participate in the 3D virtual world either as an image-based avatar or as a real video.

– The modeling of the real environment (projector-based virtual reality) is extremely vital in various virtual reality applications, like robot construction modeling, navigation and airplane simulation. In computer graphics and computer communities the image-based virtual reality systems are very popular.

– Virtual reality that is based on desktop displays a 3D virtual environment on users’ desktop display that is not using any specialized VR positional tracking equipment. A lot of new first-person video games use responsive characters, various triggers and other (such affordable vr headset) to make the user feel as though they are in a virtual world.

– Finally a head-mounted display (HMD) immerses fully the user in a virtual environment. A cheap good vr headset typically includes two small LCD monitors or HD OLED which project separate images for each eye with stereoscopic graphics rendering a 3D virtual environment, a binaural audio system, rotational and positional real-time head tracking for six degrees of movement.

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