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Stand out from all with the latest wearable technology devices that you will find in this category! Raise your communication, sports and entertainment anytime, with smartwatches, sportswatches, smartbands and VR Headsets that you’ll find here! Experience the smart gloves, bluetooth glasses and wear an NFC ring to unlock your smartphone, transfer data and make electronic transactions with just one touch!

Smartwatches are an innovative technology that is similar to a wearable computer that you can wear it in your hand in the form of a wristwatch. Smartwatches use a touchscreen interface that you can easily operate daily and they also use a lot of applications that can make your life easier. One of these applications is the upgraded pedometer algorithm that will provide a more accurate measure of the amount of steps that you take per day. Another very useful application is the heart rate monitor feature that enables you to keep track of your heartbeat while exercising. The phone watch lets you manage your sleeping disorders with its blood oxygen feature and its blood pressure function. The calorie counting feature would let you know how much calories you burn during a particular session of workout. It would let you know the routine impact of walking and exercise in a better way.

Smartwatches may connect with other external devices (like headsets, sensors, earphones, VR glasses etc.). They may use sensors to collect information or retrieve data from other smart devices. They can support various wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G Bluetooth, NFC and GPS.

Smart clothes can be combined with smart watches, led gadgets and fitness smart bands to get a full picture of your biometric features and performance! Click here to get to know the unique sports shoes that measure your calories as you run and the distance you are on! And if it seems unbelievable to you, what would you think about a trendy blouse that measures your heartbeat, counts the breath and the calories you lose during your exercise? And not only! See the measurement results instantly transmitted to your smart phone via Bluetooth, store them and keep up to date on your body functions at all times!

Find here the jewelry with … intelligence that informs you of calls, social media activity, messages and your physical condition! Bracelets, rings and so many other trendy wearables that can be connected to smartphones and manage calls, appointments and security settings. Also discover first the coolest wristbands in the most fashionable colors and with capabilities that will keep you from being separated. Find the perfect combination of technology and fashion with “clever” nails to help you get started, get private notes, security settings, and transfer codes with Near Field Communication technology. Enjoy the whole world … on the fingers of one hand!

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