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Interactive Systems

Interactive systems are computer software systems that create digital interaction between humans and computer. The most recent developments in interactive systems have focused on virtualization, visualization and agents. The required equipment for each interactive immersive room is:  a computer, LED projectors, software and interactive radars or interactive cameras. There are a lot of interactive effects and games that each user can choose from but there is a possibility to create more customized effects and games that can fulfill the needs of each one.

There are various types of interactive systems:

– Interactive systems for kids. This category is so vast that will make happy every kid:

a) Interactive Dynamic Floor Projection Systems are systems in which children enter the projected image range and they can directly interact by their feet with the virtual scene projected on the ground.

b) Interactive Wall Projection System is also very interesting because kids can interact with the wall by throwing small plastic balls trying to hit objects that appear randomly on the screen.

c) Interactive Painting System is a system where children pick up the color brush to create small animals, fishes, sea creatures, vegetables, dinosaurs etc., put them into the theme by scanning them and afterwards they can interact with these paintings.

d) Interactive Sports System is a really innovative system in which children or adults can play various interactive sports. This system brings all-round and diversified sport pleasure, according to different product attributes and targeted exercises. Some of these sports are archery, curling, football, handball, billiards, climbing, ping-pong, trampoline, slingshot, squash etc.

e) Dynamic Slide System is a traditional slide, combined with projection equipment and computer programs, to add more interactive experience. When children slide down the slide, they will interact with the patterns above or bump into flying water or scattered leaves.

f) Interactive Whiteboard is an electronic whiteboard in a very competitve smart board price that can you write by your fingers or by a pen and the results will appear on the smart whiteboard.

– Interactive systems for adults:

a) 3D Interactive Immersive Holographic System for Interior Areas is a system where the position of the object is collected by the infrared radar and analyzed by the software system, thereby generating the position information of the captured object.

b) Immersive Restaurant System is a system where the dining table and wall are used as the projection carrier to perfectly integrate the “taste, vision and hearing”. While tasting the delicious food, the modern restaurant brings people joy, interest, warmth and full sense of science and technology, forming a unique dining experience.

c) Immersive Flower Sea and Waterfall System creates a world of thousand and trees where the adults are immersed into this world full of flowers by walking in the sea full of flowers. On interactive waterfall the water trickles down, gathers under people’s feet, diverges and reintegrates.

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