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For all of us, remote controlled toys are the most fascinating memory of our childhood. They are part of the Smart Toys class, bounded with far more technological innovations than those that the first models of the era had.

Remote control toys emerged in the mid ‘60s by an Italian electronics firm. The first car of its kind was the legendary Ferrari 250LM. For many years, these toys remained a kind of luxury-toy for the vast majority of kids. Things, though, changed in the early ‘80s, when remote control toys for kids became widely popular.

There are two kinds of rc toys, electricity-powered, and fuel-powered. The majority of them made use of electrical power, providing thus higher safety for children. Others, and especially those oriented for hobbyists, were fuel-powered, offering greater autonomy and higher performance. The first toys produced were cars, but later almost any kind of vehicle was incorporated into the rc toys industry. Trucks, motorcycles, helicopters and planes are only a few of what the rc toys class could possibly include today.

Nowadays, remote controlled toys incorporate various technological innovations, rendering them easier to use and safer for kids. Some of them make use of telemetry, others of GPS, and others come with embedded cameras, led lights and music players to offer a fascinating experience. You can also find models that defy gravity rules, such as the Anti-Gravity Remote Control Car Climbing Walls, or even models that transform, such as the Robot Transformation Remote Control Car.

There are some critical points, that you must be aware of, when it comes to buy remote control toys. The first one is the safety provided by the product. Age related restrictions must be taken under consideration. Second is the batteries (or fuels) lasting time. A greater battery capacity secures a longer play-time. Also, the control range is of paramount importance. In the end, it is a rc toy and not a cable one. Another issue is the terrain in which the specific toy is going to be used. Last, but not least, is the remote control toys price, relative though to its capabilities.

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