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Smart clothes can be defined as items of cloth that has been upgraded technologically so as to function more functionally beyond the traditional use. They use textiles of advanced technology with interwoven circuitry and some other clothes are made of additional hardware and sensors that will add to them smart functionality. A lot of smart clothes connect (by Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to a program, a device or even to an application but this is not a necessary prerequisite so as to define and classify a type of cloth as smart cloth.

A lot of enterprises and companies add technology to their clothing in almost every category of fashion. There are smart clothes for women, smart clothes for men and smart casual for ladies. Here are some examples of smart clothes:

– Bluetooth Gloves: The brand new latest Bluetooth and touchscreen gloves are the perfect addition to any winter collection. Replace your tatty gloves with these fantastic one size and ultra-comfortable magic gloves with the added benefit of being able to answer all of your calls and use your touchscreen device on the go without removing your glove. This pair of Bluetooth gloves provides a fun, and cool way to make and take calls on the go. These gloves have a built in microphone and speaker sewn into the thumb of the glove allowing you to talk to your hand as if it were you mobile phone. No need to take your gloves off to take a call wherever you are any longer!

– Smart Shoes: The heel and ankle portion of the shoe is made out of SBR (styrene-butadiene rubber), and the rubber out sole has an anti-slippatch. The knitted fabric upper allows the shoe to be light weight, and there’s a “torsion balance sheet” inserted in the midsole that protects you from spraining your feet.The brain of the smart shoe is an Intel Curiemodule, a coin-sized 32-bit SoC based on the Quark SE platform that has a6-axis sensor, accelerometer, and gyroscope. The module is IP67 water-resistant and can be inserted into either the left or right shoe. The module automatically differentiates between running, walking, and climbing, and you’ll be able to see an overview of the total distance covered in a day along with the calories burned through the MiFit app.

– Smart Headband: This headband keeps your head warm, allows you to listen to your music without having to wear additional headphones, and protects you from being disturbed by your mess hair and sweat.

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