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This group is an essential part of the Holograms & 3D – Digital Signage class.

3d printer pens form a brand new innovative field that change the way we think about planning, designing and (why not) creative playing! They look like normal pens, but instead of ink, they use a plastic substance. Heat is used to melt the plastic in order to produce the material needed to design, and construct at the same time, various objects. These pens are suitable for kids, hobbyists, or professionals. The best 3d printer pen for kids is one that does not produce too much heat, making it safer for use. For hobbyists there are plenty of choices to buy 3d printing pen. Critical features include temperature adjustment, speed setting, and support for multiple materials. For professionals things are more complex. In general, the best 3d printing pen for professional use must provide high precision and plenty of adjustable settings.

On the other hand, the concept of 3d printers can be traced back to the mid ‘70s. Only recent innovations, though, make it possible. The process of 3d printing is the construction of a three-dimensional object with the aid of a computer device (CAD model). This process is going on gradually, adding material layer by layer. In general, these devices are expensive and usually aimed to professional use. The first step involved is the modelling, where all the necessary details are designed with the help of the relative software (CAD Programs). Then, these parameters are thoroughly examined for possible errors and, after that, the printing process starts. It should be noted that the printing is a long process, which can take from some hours until days to finish. Last but not least is the finishing process, where all unnecessary material is being removed and the object is ready.

Newest innovations altered the way we choose and produce products. 3D Printer Pens & 3D Printers contributed a lot towards it. Nowadays, there are plenty of available products for various uses and purposes. The critical factors, however, should be the safety, the adjustability and the quality of the product.

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