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“Smart Health Technology” is a complex combination of the definition of health and the term of “Smart Technology”. That means that smart technology can be a useful tool that will aid the development of health solutions in many sectors of human life.

Smart Health Technology can implement in various ways such as : a) to collect data of each person so as to  help them and advise them personally, b) to store and calculate this data in order to provide more accurate healthcare solutions in the future and c) to record this data with the help of advanced sensors so as to provide automated actions to each person separately.

Smart healthcare tech can interact with various innovative new technologies such as Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality but also with other types of data representation.

The sector of Smart Health Technology has great potential so as to improve, expand and develop more accurate healthcare solutions for each person individually. Even if this technology is in its first steps, it is expected that in the future this technology will be indispensable in our lives, even if further development and research must be achieved.

The development and the research of Smart Health Technology solutions will be a great opportunity for a lot of companies specialized it the sector of healthcare. These healthcare solutions contain the following: early detection of diseases, telemedicine, smart pills, sensors, smart surgeries, holographic devices, smart wearables, medicine dispensations, remotely controlled technology, early registration devices etc.

Although the sector of smart healthcare is immense these are some problems that will be needed to be surpassed in order to improve and expand Smart Health Technology. For the moment there is no sufficient infrastructure and there is a lack of competency so as to include these technologies in every day operations. Companies must ensure data security and utilize global standards in the healthcare sector.

Smart Health Technology can incorporate health data of each person through smart wearables (such as smart health watches, smart health bracelets etc.) as well as smart health data from private clinics and public or private hospitals. Due to this reason these technologies will cause huge improvements and changes in healthcare sector. Till 2025 not only robotics but also sensors and smart wearables will be monitored remotely.

Personal health and wellbeing of each person individually can be obtained through Smart Health Technologies, which can track and record health information for each person. Last years the cost of a vast variety of Health Technology has decreased a lot.

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