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During the last decades, an ever-increasing interest towards transmission to a lower CO2 footprint has been established. More and more Brands and Firms are embracing the trend that fights Climate Change. To this purpose, Green Technologies are an essential part of this strategy.

Green Technologies embrace the values of sustainability, viability, and innovation. The current use of the resources should not –at any chance- place barriers that inhibit the future use of them. Green Technologies can be defined as a large evolving group that includes both procedures and materials. It spans from energy production methods, such as solar cells, biomass, and methods that reduce CO2 emissions, until simple products that incorporate environmentally friendly technology, such as eco-materials, solar lamps, power-saving devices, etc.

In this prospect, Green Technology products could possibly include the following:

  • Solar-Energy driven Devices. Solar panels have been purposed to help technology become sustainable. By providing independence from mainstream energy storage, such as batteries, solar panels can be incorporated at any device giving them autonomy and a better environmental footprint. Possible examples could be Solar Lamps, Green GPS Units, Solar Energy Outlets & Storage Devices, Solar Heaters, etc. Get the chance and provide yourself with the most outstanding solar energy-driven products. Get rid of the cables and enjoy the modern design of a Solar Lamp. Impress your friends with Green GPS Units.
  • LED Lights. The LED technology, once discovered, provided us with the benefit of extremely lower electricity consumption. Depending on the existing light installation and the particular LED, the savings could reach up to 87%! Moreover, the LED Lights lifespan appears to be significantly longer, lasting for more than 50.000 hours. Choose now your next Smart Bulb product, which comes with a great variety of colors. Lighten the darkest points of your home with the 100 LED Outdoor Solar Lamp and make the difference amongst your neighbors.
  • Smart Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning Systems. Most power losses are incurred by the fact that these systems are usually manually operated. That’s the main reason why you should invest in a smart system that runs, automatically, all these complicated systems. Such a system reduces dramatically the wastage of power and, moreover, it can easily be handled by a Smart Remote Control or just an application within your phone. Think greener and smarter!
  • Auto-Lighting Systems. Using just a Smartphone application, you can easily control your home lighting, being miles away. Prepare the lighting of the place before you get into the home and enjoy the benefits that, until recently, only the highest income class could afford it.

Follow us in the fight against Climate Change! Get the benefits that Green Technologies bring to you. A greener, smarter and autonomous home. A joyful place to live, where everything can be easily handled by your phone. Focus on what really matters in this life. Start the journey with us into the magic world of Green Technologies! Buy now online at NewTechStore, where you can find a great variety of green products, aimed to make your life easier. In our website shopping is both intelligent and cheap!