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used products

Refurbished products refer to a broad range of reused, reconditioned or simply returned products that are usually offered in very low prices. It could also be exhibition products, or kind of “leasing products” aimed to fulfill the business needs of individuals for a very short time.
The vast majority of these products are mobile phones, laptops and PCs, together with hardware parts, such as RAM memories, motherboards etc. Recently, as the global income barrier gets -all the more- lowered, a couple of other devices have been incorporated into the refurbished products class. These are smart TVs, electronic devices (refrigerators, ovens and microwave devices), Hi-Fis and so on.
There are 2 critical points that need your attention when it comes to buy refurbished products. The first is the products’ Grade class. The second is the products’ Guarantee. These features sometimes are linked with each other, but not always. In our store, we chose to keep them separate and that’s because we don’t want to confuse costumers about the time listed that secures the quality of each individual product. So, guarantee is listed for each product and mostly spans from 3 up to 12 months.
Grade classes are another issue. In general, there are 3 Grades: A, B or C. Grade A refers to “almost new” products. These are optically new, with no scratches or any other faults, and functionally at their best. Usually these products are exhibition phones or laptops, or those that for “silly reasons” (e.g. the customer didn’t like the color) returned. Grade B has to do with products that optically don’t have any serious fault (it could be some, but if so, these would be minor faults). Their functionality is at its best, though, Grade B products have been used for a couple of months, so there may be some downgrade in their functional features (for example their battery durability). Lastly, Grade C products refer to these that, optically, indeed have some minor scratches or other faults, but their functionality is still very good. Let us not forget that a lot of Grade C phones come with a guarantee up to 12 months!
Therefore, it is critical for you to find a reliable provider that will explain you all these obscure points and also the fact that the Grade classification tends to be different amongst products. For example, scratches are not so important when it comes to a laptop or PC, but are when it has to do with a mobile phone.
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