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Measure your performance and choose styles according to your mood. Smart bluetooth bracelet will give you all the information you need to see your performance and make a healthier lifestyle. And not only that. They provide you with information such as temperature and humidity, connect to Bluetooth, answer calls and messages, measure heartbeats and are waterproof so you will never be separated! The smart bracelet monitors a variety of exercises such as Running, Walking, Riding, Basketball, Football, Yoga and so on. Monitor your heart beat all day long and automatically track your sleep quality, It can help you adjust your workout and keep health.

Here are some different types of smart wrist bracelets:

– The new version of Mi Band 3 has an OLED-display and a touch panel, which will make more information available to you. It comes with TPU adjustable wristband, giving you a skin-friendly, breathable feeling. As soon as you raise your hand, the bracelet will display the current time — easily and conveniently (you can set the function at smartphone APP). Mi Band 3 records every moment staying with you. Just to live a healthy life with it! The upgraded pedometer algorithm of the Xiaomi wristband will provide a more accurate measure of the amount of steps you take per day. The heart rate monitor feature enables you to keep track of your heartbeat while exercising. Once the Xiaomi is connected to bluetooth it will vibrate to notify you of an incoming call or message you have received on your smartphone.

– Smart Healthy Bracelet Bluetooth V4.0 Wristband with Pedometer / Sleep Monitoring / Tracking Calorie/Remote Capture Compatible for Android and IOS. This smart bracelet with OLED screen clearly displays health parameters including steps, calories, distance, time. With silicone adjustable wristband and light weight feature, you can wear it comfortably, such as running, climbing. When you do exercise, it can record your sports data. When you sleep, it can monitor your sleep. It also can wake you up by vibrating gently. All these data can be synchronized and analyzed on your smartphone as long as this smart bracelet’s Bluetooth is paired with device’s Bluetooth. It’s our pleasure to help you have a funny life and a health life!

– The snore stopper watch will detect the snoring sound automatically. After it has detected the snore several times, it will stimulate acupoint areas to help open airway. You could not feel it when you asleep. The longer you wear the snore stopper watch, the more obvious the snoring can be improved. It will clear your respiratory tract and correct your sleep posture. The snore stopper will not only reduce your snoring frequency and improve your sleep quality but it will also reduce the chance of respiratory disease and ensure you a better health.

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