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Jewelry is becoming “smart” and makes you forget what you already knew! Lock and unlock your smartphone or tablet, transfer your data and share information and links with a touch! Touch the digital ring on the NFC area of your mobile or tablet to lock and unlock your screen, launch or transfer your applications to the background. The operation of smart finger ring is based on the built-in sensitive Near Field Communication chip, which does not require charging and power to operate while it remains completely waterproof! (Caution: The device must be NFC-Near-Field Communication).

This brilliant NFC smart ring online might help. It has 8 intelligent technologies: Program lock, automatic running, business card share, link share, whisper, net file share, intelligent door lock, start hide. Every function just needs a simple finger approach. You can use your NFC Ring to share WiFi information, links to websites, contact information or whatever you think is suitable to be passed securely to your friends, smartphones and tablets. Your NFC smart ring bluetooth can also be used to start apps with custom settings (parameters), making it a really easy way to personalize the app experience to match your ring. Note: The Smart Ring is compatible with Android, IOS or Windows smartphones which have NFC function.

The intelligent magic ring is a wearable electronic component that connects via the mobile function and shares the data by NFC wireless frequency communication technology. It has 6 functions of advanced design: APP lock, APP hide, share business card, share internet link, share texting and share online file. The product shape is designed according to the international popular elements, created by the pure medical titanium, with no need for any external power energy. High waterproof ring suitable for everyone!

You cannot ignore also the feelings & emotions temperature ring that is changing colors according to your mood! Get this beautiful stainless steel ring that checks by the temperature of your finger your feelings and your emotions. Now you can check your mood, stress levels and use it as a guide to calm your emotions and reduce stress levels. Great fun anywhere you use this ring!

Finally you can find in our store a beautiful stainless steel ring that checks the temperature of your hand. The temperature ring can detect the heating and cooling of your hand and also the changes in the temperature of the environment. The temperature is displayed when your hand temperature reaches a certain amount (when the temperature is not displayed, you can use the other hand for a while). It is worn on the finger for 20-30 seconds, and different black numbers can appear in the middle part of the ring. It is made of titanium steel, which is not easy to be deformed, not easy to rust, smooth and shiny, and comfortable to wear. It has ergonomic design, rounded inner arc and it is comfortable to wear and difficult to scratch.

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