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Mp4 players, in contrast with the Mp3 ones, support both video and audio files. Together with the Mp5 players constitute the major part of the High-Tech Audio & Video class.

An Mp4 is also a codec, and refers to a digital data compression format, which has the ability to store both audio and video files. Moreover, Mp4s can incorporate and other features, such as subtitles, images and 3d graphics. Mp4 format emerged in the early ‘00s and it is based on the Apples’ QuickTime file format. However, Mp4 file format became widely popular due to the fact that it was freely distributed across many operating systems, and not only Macs. The major characteristic of an Mp4 codec is the high compression rate, which makes the relative files smaller and easier to store and to distribute. This is the main reason for its popularity.

Mp4 devices became synonymous with the Mp4 file format technology. Nowadays, though, a mp4 digital player reproduce almost every type of file. Supporting format includes .avi, .mkv, .flv, .wmv, and many other file types. Newest models offer an amazing viewing experience, reaching up to 1080p Full HD video resolution. Latest processors are extremely fast and smooth-working, combined with greater storage capacities and RAM memories. Pdf reading capabilities, voice recording, FM Radio, Bluetooth connection and fast internet connectivity features are only few from a broad range of capabilities that these tiny devices have. Let us not forget that the latest models are eco-friendly, manufactured from recycled materials, lightweight and strong to the hardest use. They offer long-lasting autonomy and they can be charged on very simple, with a USB slot, the same way you charge your phone!

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