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A home service robot is a robot designed to perform home services that will develop the human prosperity and the usefulness of their household equipment. The personal home robot can operate by semi or full autonomy. They can accomplish difficult tasks in almost every environment by operating and making decisions using this innovative function of “autonomy”.

These service robots can be into two main categories: a) personal care robots (robots for personal use) and b) home service robots.

Home service robots include lawn-mowing robots, vacuum cleaners, security appliances controlled remotely and many other smart home appliances.

One the other hand robots for personal use is a vast category that contains leisure robots designed for personal entertainment, medical companions for elders or for persons with kinetic problems, robot toys, robotic kits and robots for personal education and training.

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Home service robots can have different functions that allow them to interact better with their environment. The most important of them is navigation, interaction to humans and to objects and localization via GPS. Artificial Intelligent home service robots must absolutely dispose localization sensors (GPS), in order to locate them accurately at external environment. At internal environments it is always more complex to locate home service robots. There are some very interesting navigation functions that help the robot move around at home, at the office or at exterior environments without problem. Some of these functions are: a) obstacle avoidance, b) safe path creation, c) map building, d) path tracking and e) goal configuration.

One of the most important of these functions is the creation of a Map. The sensors of the robot allow it to explore its environment and to record and renew its maps by using a video camera or a motion sensor or even a tracking laser. Moreover home service robots are mostly affected by the reaction and interaction of humans and for that reason it is created an interface to connect operators with robots.

Personal care robots can help elder people as well as every person with kinetic and mental problems and make their life easier in many ways. They can support basic activities of these people as well as kinetical problems and affections, providing them continuous maintenance of the household appliances, monitoring the safety and the functioning of all home appliances and covering some social functions. Some of these solutions that personal home robots offer are: a) companion robots, b) educational robots, c) assistance in mobility and d) assistance in manipulation.

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