Terms of Sales Contract from Distance


NEWTECHSTORE is an officially authorized e-shop selling products via the Internet, the company under the name “NTS Systems & Trade LTD”, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, Rakovski 145 (SREDETS), PC. 1000, with VAT number BG204512156Www.newtechstore.eu (the “Website”) reserves the right to change the content of www.newtechstore.eu at any time without informing users.

These terms relate to and govern exclusively the relations of NEWTECHSTORE (hereinafter referred to as the “Company“) with the natural or legal persons registered at www.newtechstore.eu (hereinafter referred to as “the Users“). By registering at www.newtechstore.eu, Users at the same time endorse the General Terms of Use and this Distance Sale Agreement (Wholesale and Retail) at the same time.

Acceptance of the Terms and Agreements hereof applies to any transaction with the business and the sale of goods offered through the Site for the present and for the future and involving wholesale and retail users. This Convention is addressed to traders, commercial companies and individuals as its object is, as mentioned above, the wholesale and retail sale of goods. For this reason, the laws of European legislation are in force where the wholesale of goods is defined as the provision of services to another trader for the pursuit of their profession or the fulfillment of their purpose, the sale of goods and the provision of services outside the country, and the sale of an import right. Also, as a retail sale, is the sale of goods and the provision of services to a natural person to satisfy individual or family needs.

The Company has the right to modify and renew the General Terms of Use and this Distance Sale Agreement (Wholesale and Retail) at any time, unilaterally without notice but is required to disclose such modifications / updates to the Wholesale and Retail Users through email. In the event that any User does not agree with the new terms, he has the right to ask to delete it from www.newtechstore.eu in the procedure specified (Article 1) below. All the terms of this distance contract are considered as essential.

Article 1. Application

This Agreement covers only any sale of products through the website www.newtechstore.eu. Any other Terms and Conditions are expressly excluded. Any user who enters and uses the services of the e-shop is deemed to consent and accepts unconditionally the terms herein, without any exception. If a user does not agree with these terms, he / she has to abstain from using the e-shop and from each transaction with it. Sending your order implies acceptance of this agreement and all of its terms.

Article 2. User Registration Procedure on the Website

Entry to the Site is permitted only for (a) natural or legal persons (b) who have full legal capacity, (c) have a postal address in Bulgaria or abroad and (d) have an e-mail address. It is also expressly forbidden to register on the Site with companies or sole proprietorships whose registration is for any reason interrupted and / or deleted. Each User has the right to own only one (1) account and up to 2 accounts per IP address.

Each User expressly states and warrants that at the time of his / her registration he / she provides full, accurate and true information about his / her name, address, company name, headquarters address and tax ID etc.) and that he / she has the required legal requirements as well as the ability to understand these Terms and Conditions to enroll on the Site. The Company does not recognize and is not bound by any use on the Site by Users who do not meet any of the above conditions.

At the beginning of the registration the Users are registered by completing the special electronic form available on the Website with the necessary condition of filling in the mandatory fields without completion of which the registration procedure cannot be completed. Registration is free of charge. Among other items, each User is asked to specify his / her access details, which consist of a username and a password. As regards the choice of username, it is forbidden for the User to choose any name that offends the public and / or morality, or harms the rights and / or interests of third parties. The User is required to keep his username and password secret for accessing the Site and not to grant them and / or to communicate to any third party. The User is solely responsible for the maintenance and confidentiality of the access to the Website and is therefore solely responsible and accountable for any activity, responsibility, claim, cost, and / or expense, even of a legal nature, associated with any use, whether illegal or not, of its access data.

The Company reserves the right to interrupt and / or delete User registration from the Site at any time, without prior notice, if it finds any action that renders inappropriate, problematic and / or impossible to maintain the User’s registration on the Website as , but not limited to, fraudulent interference with the operation of the Site and / or the award of the auctioned products, the provision of inaccurate personal data, the use of access details for illegal or fraudulent purposes, violation of any of these Terms and Conditions and the General Terms of Use. In the event of a cancellation and / or deletion of the registration from the Website, it will be prohibited for the User to create a new subscription with personal data associated with the account interrupted or deleted by the Company.

Each User reserves the right at any time, without prior notice, to request to be removed from the Website by sending an e-mail to the Website. Deleting the sign-up from the Site will cause the user’s access details to cease and therefore it will automatically be impossible for the User to access the Website further through these elements. If the User wishes to be re-registered on the Website, he / she must follow a new registration process as defined in these Terms.

Article 3 Description of Order Procedure – Order Cancellation

Customers / wholesalers or retailers choose from the product catalog or product search specific products / product codes and place them in the Shopping Cart.

Orders are archived electronically and users can, if they so wish, get to know the content of their order.

Use of the Site is at the sole responsibility of the User / Visitor Wholesaler or Retailer.

They then choose from the Shopping Cart the products they want to finally order / delete.

Then fill in the special form that displays the order details, such as their payment method, their way, address, tax information, and any comments on the order.

They inspect the overall image of the order, accept the wholesale and retail terms of sale, and by clicking on the “Accept” field, give the final order (only then the order is completed.) In each step of the above and for the correction errors before the order is placed, there is a ‘Back’ option next to ‘Continue’ or ‘Purchase’.

After receiving the order, it is sent to the user who has already registered, an order receipt (order number) and confirmation of the ordered items / products, billing address and payment method , the total amount of the order,

The delivery time of the products varies according to the availability and delivery method chosen by the users. The time of receipt will also be determined based on the stock of the Company’s warehouse. In case that : (a) the products are available in stock will be received within 1 to 4 days from the date of confirmation of the order; and (b) when the products are not available on stock within 2 to 3 weeks. These deadlines apply to all countries within Europe. For other countries, the delivery time will be determined according to country of receipt.

Product availability appears next to the product description and although the company makes every effort to keep all items available in its warehouses, there is a likelihood of some of them being exhausted / not temporarily available or the manufacturer / their supplier has ceased their manufacture and disposal indefinitely. In this case, users are informed of their availability upon confirmation of the order where they are asked to contact e-mail with the company / Website to modify the order on a case-by-case basis.

You will also be able to order either via (email) at [email protected] or by phone at +3592 49 28 784.

Order cancellation

Once the order has been settled by the customer, only then the process of collecting and shipping the goods to the customer will begin. In this case, ie from the moment the order is paid by the customer up to the date of delivery of the products, the customer will not be able to cancel this order. If the customer has not yet paid the order, no process will be initiated to collect and send the products to the customer. If the courier has delivered the parcel and you do not wish to keep it, then the conditions for return of the products apply as described below in Article 10 apply.

Article 4 Shopping Cart

Each visitor / user has the right to maintain a shopping cart in which he can store the products he wishes to order. The “Guest Shopping Cart” allows the visitor to store his products in a temporary shopping cart. When the visitor leaves the Site, his shopping cart will be empty. The “Shopping Cart of a Member”

allows the member to add products to his shopping cart, which are stored there to complete their purchase / deletion at a later time. All products remain in the shopping cart until they are purchased or deleted (within a reasonable time). If a member adds products to the “Guest Shopping Cart” and decides to log in to the Website to use the “Shopping Cart Member”, the contents of the “Guest Shopping Cart” will be merged with the “Shopping Cart Member” automatically.

Article 5 Description of Products

The control of the technical information provided and the suitability of the items / products ordered is the sole responsibility of the wholesale or retail user who uses the Website. The Website does not bear any responsibility for product incompatibilities with other products. The Website makes every effort to present the most accurately the products and essential features of the site. The Site has also made every effort to accurately reflect the true colors of the products when they appear on the Site. However, the company is not responsible for, and does not guarantee, the absolute accuracy of displaying the colors of the products on the user’s computer screen, as this depends on the characteristics of the particular screen and computer.

The Website will only be responsible for defects or poor quality of its products to wholesalers or retailers. All products are received by packaged suppliers. However, if the delivered quantities prove to be a defective or poor quality product, the Website notifies you that the Company is responsible for its replacement.

IMPORTANT NOTE : As for the electric bicycles and scooters, we emphasize that they are not classified as ordinary electric bicycles, as they have a throttle. We also emphasize that they need a license, license plates, third party liability insurance and it is mandatory to use a helmet (motorcycle, not bicycle). In case a buyer does not comply with the above legislation, our company does not bear any responsibility.

Article 6 Sampling

Sampling capability exists once the product and sample is in availability and the customer wants to buy products as a wholesaler. The cost of the sample is charged to the customer with the wholesale price quoted on the Website and the shipping cost, upon agreement between the customer and the Website. The total cost of the sample and its transfer is discounted by the customer to the Company prior to ordering the sample to the supplier. The sample will be counted towards the deliverable quantity of the customer’s first order.

Article 7 Limitation of Liability

In any circumstances, including in the case of negligence, the Website is not responsible for any kind of damage the visitor / user will suffer on the pages, services, products, choices and content of the Site which he / she makes on his / her own initiative and with the knowledge of the terms of this and / or the on-line sale and / or electronic payment contract (if made directly to the Website).

The products and / or services and more generally the content of the Site is provided “as is” without any warranty express or implied in any way. To the fullest extent and in accordance with the law, the Site denies all warranties expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, those which imply the merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.

The Site does not guarantee that the pages, products, services, options and contents will be provided without interruption, without errors and that the errors will be corrected.

Also, the Site does not guarantee that the same or any other related site or  servers through which they are made available to visitors / users is provided without “viruses” or other harmful components.

The Site does not guarantee in any way the correctness, completeness or availability of the contents, pages, services, options or their results.

The cost of possible corrections or services is assumed by the visitor / user of wholesale or retail and in no case the Website.

It is clarified that the content of the Site is commercial and not informative, and therefore users cannot base any behavior on the information contained therein, and the Website assumes no responsibility if any of the information included on the Site is inaccurate.

Specifically for issues related to properties, description, use, price, etc. of the products offered for sale, the visitors / wholesale or retail users of the Site are required to contact the Website and are fully bound by the sales contract that they are asked to conclude during the order execution process.

The Site is not responsible for views / opinions / placements / messages / third party publications anywhere they are expressed on the Site. The Website is not responsible for the content of the messages being sent. Messages represent their sender and not necessarily the opinion of the people and the factors of the Site or other users. Any user who believes to be affected either personally or at a general level may contact the web site administrators and express their complaints in the contact details of the Site.

For trade security, if a product has an abnormally low price, without any particular indication to justify it, wholesalers or retailers are kindly requested to contact the Website prior to ordering this product. The cost of possible corrections or services is borne by the user / visitor of wholesale or retail and in no case the Website.

Article 8 Intellectual Property Rights

That is also in the General Terms of Use of the Site – Link : https://www.newtechstore.eu/general-terms-of-use/

Article 9 Protection of personal data

That is also in the Personal Data Protection Policy (GDPR) of the Site – Link : https://www.newtechstore.eu/personal-data-protection-policy-gdpr/

For any contact with the administrator (L.2472 / 97), send an e-mail to [email protected].

Article 10 Withdrawal – Returns of Products

Wholesale or retail users have the right to return the products in all cases where: (a) the order is executed incorrectly, that is, in the case of delivery of items other than those ordered by type or quantity, or in the case of delivery of defective products (b) or in the event of undue withdrawal from the customer. In these cases, the wholesale or retail user has the right to request their return, in consultation with the Company and by sending the returned product to the address from which the product was shipped (warehouse of Greece, Italy, Spain or France).

This refund arrangement only concerns products that are defective and not the entire order. Information on all of the above problems should be made in writing via [email protected] with specific information about return codes and quantities and how and when to return them.

Cases and conditions for return

1. Refunds due to delivery error.

In all cases where, with proven fault, we deliver other than the ordered products, by type or quantity, then we send you the right product and we assume any cost of transporting old and new product.

2. Refunds of defective products.

If the product is found to have a manufacturing defect, the following apply:

  • The return of the product to be replaced should be made with all the documents that accompanied the product (bill of lading, invoice, etc.)
  • After the product is returned, the defect mentioned by the customer is checked and then communicated with him regarding the results of the inspection.
  • If it is found that the defect is not due to misuse, a repair or replacement of the product occurs. In the case of replacement, the product will be replaced with a new one if it is available or another of its own technical features in consultation with the customer. Under no circumstances will the money be returned to the customer but the product will be replaced.
  • The customer can return the defective product either by mail or via Courier to our Enterprise warehouses.
  • In the event of a defective product being returned via Courier, the customer will be charged with shipping costs to our company and the cost of dispatching the replaced or repaired product.

3. Refund of non-defective products – Right of unjustified withdrawal from the customer.

The customer has the right to withdraw from the purchase / sale contract for the products he has purchased from our online store without being obliged to give us the reason why he / she wishes to return them within 14 (fourteen) calendar days of the day of receipt of the products. The fourteen (14) calendar days for exercising the right of withdrawal shall commence from the day following receipt of the products.

  • The rescission statement is conducted in writing or electronically by email ([email protected]) orby completing the contact form on our websiteeither by telephone notification from the customer of his intention to withdraw and direct sending from our Website to him the form of the Statement of Withdrawal.
  • Our business is required to send a confirmation that it has received the withdrawal statement as soon as it is in its possession.
  • From the day you declare your desire to cancel, you are required to return the products you purchased from our store within 14 calendar days.
  • The cost of shipping / returning the products to our company is charged to the customer.
  • In order for a refund to be accepted, the returned product should not be used in the best condition (as new) as it was before sale, which means they should have tears or damage / deterioration) and all the contents of the original packaging (user instructions, etc.) as well as the retail or wholesale invoice.  The original packaging is not an essential requirement to effectively exercise the right to cancel.
  • Product that was sold with an extra gift must be returned with the extra gift, otherwise the value of the gift will be deducted from the refund.
  • The right to cancel does not exist for the following contracts:
    • Contracts for the supply of sealed goods which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygiene reasons and were unsealed after delivery.
    • Contracts for the supply of goods which are, after delivery, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other items.
    • Contracts for the supply of sealed audio or sealed video recordings or sealed computer software which were unsealed after delivery.
  • In any case, any damage to the product upon returning the product to the Site or the Store is borne by the wholesale or retail user.

Money return

  • On the day that customer will exercise their right of withdrawal, the Company is obliged to refund their money within fourteen (14) calendar days after the Company has received the products.
  • If the customer returns all the products he purchased (entire order), then our Company will refund him the value of the products and not the shipping costs if the order has been charged for shipping costs.
  • If the customer returns only part of the products he purchased from our store, then we will only refund the value of the products he returned.
  • The money will be returned to the customer by the same means as the original collection.
  • If the order was paid through Paypal or credit card then the money will be refunded via Paypal or credit card. In case the order is paid in cash, the refund will be made by depositing in his personal bank account. In this case, you must disclose your bank account number (IBAN). The first name as the beneficiary in the bank account must be the customer’s name.

The right of withdrawal concerns new products and not defects covered by their respective warranties and the terms of return for defective products.

The customer is responsible for compensating the company if it has made use of it other than what is necessary to ascertain the nature, characteristics and operation of the goods. The discovery of the nature, characteristics and functioning of the goods should be based on the information provided on the outer packaging of each product as well as the additional information that the company however provides without opening the packaging of products without use the good / product. The company is willing to inform the customer of any question about the nature and operation of the products by providing additional information material electronically or otherwise. The company is entitled to agree with the client on its compensation even by offsetting.

If goods are returned damaged, used without the safety belt or incomplete e-shop has the right to demand compensation from the customer, the amount of which will be determined by the condition of the goods and make unilaterally and unconditionally in total or partial offsetting of this claim against the customer.

Article 11 Ways of Payment and Prices of Products

The Site, for the convenience of wholesale or retail users, enables them to repay their order in any of the following ways:

1. With cash on delivery.

For those who prefer the most traditional method, products come to your door with a Courier and you pay the price at the time of pickup. The charge is charged depending on country plus shipping cost.

The charge applies only to purchases totaling up to € 60.00. From 60.01 € and above there is no charge and the shipment is completely free.

2. Paypal.

If you have a Paypal account, you can use it via Paypal when completing the order form. The Paypal payment process is covered by the most up-to-date security standards on the NewTechStore secure server with 128 bit encryption – the maximum available today – certified by Comodo Secure SSL.

There is no charge for Paypal payments other than shipping costs.

3. Debit or Credit or Pre Paid Card

If you have a credit or debit or pre-paid card, you can use it during the order form completion process. The credit card payment process is covered by the most up-to-date security standards on the NewTechStore secure server with 128 bit encryption – the maximum available today – certified by Comodo Secure SSL.

There is no charge for card payments other than shipping costs

4. By depositing into a Bank Account.

 In this case, the wholesale or retail user must send the copy of the bank deposit order by email to [email protected] in order to execute the ordering of the products.




IBAN : BG21STSA93000024533340





Available Payment Methods by Country :

a) The available payment methods for Greece, Cyprus, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech, Poland, Romania are : COD (Cash on Delivery), Paypal, Credit Card  or Debit Card, and Bank Transfer.

b) For the rest of the countries the available methods of payment are : Paypal, Credit Card  or Debit Card, and Bank Transfer

The retail price of any product is listed in the relevant catalogs next to each product. If the customer purchases a quantity of 10 products and above prices are re-priced at wholesale prices. In the event that the customer has a valid merchant ID he is not required to pay VAT.

The Company / Website reserves the right to readjust prices without notice.

Article 12 Delivery and receipt of products

The delivery of the products of the wholesale or retail user’s order is effectuated:

Through the courier company on the order form, taking into account the wholesale or retail user’s comments on the delivery method. In this case, the Website / Business is not liable in cases of delay and / or failure to deliver due to third party carriers etc. and / or for reasons of force majeure or chance. The cost and the risk of product transfer are entirely borne by the wholesale or retail user after delivery by the Company to the shipping company. However, if for reasons of force majeure (eg bad weather, strikes, etc.) or insurmountable impediment it is not possible to deliver the goods directly to the carrier the wholesale or retail user is informed by e-mail to indicate whether still wishes under the new conditions, the completion of his order.

Products can be shipped to the wholesale or retail user anywhere in Europe or other countries outside Europe, unless there is a specific reason for failure. In this case, the products will be shipped to the location indicated by the wholesale or retail user when registering his online order via the private transport company or mail. The cost is borne by the wholesale or retail user. Ownership of the product is transferred to the wholesale or retail user after full redemption, while the risk is shifted upon delivery.

The wholesale or retail user cannot refuse to dispatch the products once the Website confirms availability and the wholesale or retail user pays for the order. The delivery time depends on the place of delivery and the availability of the products. In the case of: (a) the products are available in stock will be  received within 5 to 7 working days from the date of confirmation of the order; and (b) when the products are not available on stock within 3 to 4 weeks. These deadlines apply to all countries within Europe. For other countries, the delivery time will be determined by country of receipt.

Deliveries are made Monday to Friday after consultation and communication with the Business or the Website.

For Shipping Costs and Delivery Times follow this link:  https://www.newtechstore.eu/shipping-costs-delivery-time/

Article 13. Product warranty

Seller’s liability for actual defects or lack of matched properties.

In the case of newtechstore.eu liability for a genuine defect or lack of an agreed product status (“legal guarantee”), the purchaser is entitled to:

to require, without charge, to correct or replace the product with another unless such action is impossible or requires disproportionate costs

to request a reduction in the price

or withdraw from the contract of sale, except in the case of a non-material defect.

In order for a property to be considered as agreed, it must have been agreed in writing. If the buyer chooses to correct or replace the product, newtechstore.eu will have to correct or replace it in a reasonable time. The above statutory buyer’s rights are time-barred after two (2) years for products. The buyer must inform the Website about the defect of the product within two (2) months of receipt of the product. The Website within six (6) months from the return of the product will have to prove the absence of defect in the product or it will have to replace the defective product.

Regarding smart vehicles (electric scooters, electric bikes etc.) the warranty is 6 months for electrical parts (including battery) and 12 months for non electrical parts. The tires of the smart vehicles are not included in the period of the warranty.

Regarding refurbished products our warranty covers any malfunction of the device independent of your use (touch-sensitive malfunction, battery failure, pushbuttons, etc.). If you lose, drop, or break the phone, or if it is oxidized (water damaged), our warranty will not apply. The opening of the product, repair or diagnosis by a third party (other than our company’s technical team) is also a warranty exclusion clause.

Thus if a malfunction has occurred with your product, but it has been broken/oxidized/opened by a third party or shows signs of impact due to a fall or impact, the warranty will no longer apply and our company will not be required to take charge of your after-sales service request.

Additionally, it’s important to note that waterproofing is rarely maintained on refurbished products.
During the refurbishing process, devices are opened so that tests can be carried out on the product, which is why sealing is not guaranteed for the refurbished products sold on our website.
If you find that the item is not compliant with our General Terms and Conditions, please contact our Customer Care. We will investigate the case you have opened will work to resolve the ongoing dispute.

In any case, if you find a defect, you can contact our online store immediately after delivery on the same day or next working day at +3592 49 28 784 or email: [email protected].

Newtechstore.eu provides no warranty or warranty for product suitability for any particular purpose. This warranty must be provided by the manufacturer of the product sold.

Article 14 Applicable Law and Other Terms

In order forms out any specific terms and agreements governing complementary to the terms and conditions of this contract (Sales Contract from Distance – Wholesale and Retail), and the General Terms of Use, the purchase of any particular product.

The Site reserves the right to reserve and / or refuse to execute orders, provided it notifies the user / visitor of the reasons for the reservation and / or refusal.

The Site reserves the right to unilaterally modify the content of all terms without obligation of warning. For this reason, the visitor / user of the Site should visit them frequently to be informed about it. These terms, the General Terms of Use and any modification, change or alteration thereof, are governed by the Bulgarian law, the law of the EU and the relevant international conventions that regulate issues related to electronic commerce. For this reason, the website must inform users of a) the essential characteristics of the goods offered, b) price, c) the amount and cost of transport, d)) the method of payment, e) the delivery and execution , (f) the duration of the offer or price and (g) the right of withdrawal. Any provision of these terms becomes legally inapplicable, and shall be automatically revoked and removed from the present, without in any way undermining the validity of the other terms. The visit / use of www.newtechstore.eu require the unconditional acceptance of the above terms.

No modification of these terms will be taken into account and will not be part of these agreements unless it has been drafted in writing and has not been incorporated into them. Competent tribunals to resolve any disputes arising from the visit / use of the pages of the Site become the courts of Sofia in accordance with Bulgarian law.

 For any communication to the Site, please email us at [email protected] or by phone at +35 92 49 31 064