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A quadcopter drone is a drone that functions with four rotors. This drone is one of the simplest versions of multi-rotors drones. It is used mostly by younger kids and beginners because it contains simple and easy to use functions. The quadcopter price fluctuates at low levels, but sometimes it can vary a lot because there are a lot of models in the market. Kids and beginners can build and repair quadcopter drones easily without big problems.

A professional quadcopter drone not only can film professional video and take photos of high quality, but it can be used also as toys by younger kids giving them pleasure for a lot of hours!  You can even attach a small camera in the drone by using your own gimbal.

The blades on a quadcopter drone are placed around the main body of the drone so as to push air down by the spinning of these blades (propellers). The rotors of the quadcopter drone are usually placed around the main body of the aircraft in a straight line but between back or forward rotors and the other rotors there is a small distance so as to help the drone with an additional boost. Therefore, as the rotor pushes down on the air, the air pushes up on the rotor.

Even if Quadcopter drones are functioning at a lower speed and their performance is not that high, due to the reason that they use only four blades, beginners and kids will surely be excited by this drone. Controlling a drone at a lower speed is easier for beginners and kids. Moreover at a lower speed the operators of the drone can keep the Quadcopter drone within a flight range viewable by them.

Quadcopter Drones are a perfect gift not only for children but also for beginners because of this lack of speed and of performance. The benefit though of these Quadcopter drones is that they are sold in smaller sizes and that their prices can be affordable by almost everyone.

Even if Quadcopter drones are not that much popular for purchase at the moment, they can be equipped with a lot of amazing features that even hexacopter or octocopter drones cannot be equipped for now!

The ultimate and more classic drone style is here. Four helices, aerodynamic shape, low weight and small dimensions for endless play. They have a low charging time via USB and a comfortable controller. They also feature 6-axis gyros for a fixed flight until you start the tricks and a wide variety of colors that fascinate and cause you to take off!

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