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Hologram Projectors & Displays

This group consist a major part of the Holograms & 3D – Digital Signage class. It carries out the benefits of holography into the everyday uses.

A holographic display is a kind of display that makes use of the light diffraction in order to create a 3D image. Holographic displays differ from other forms of three dimensional imaging in that the viewer can see the image without the need of any special equipment, such as 3D glasses. The history of the holograms spans across the 20th century. Therefore, a lot of different technologies have been used in order to make the holographic projection possible. Some of the most recent ones include laser plasma displays, introduced in 2005, electroholography displays, that transmit data using an electromagnetic resonator, and full parallax holography, that provides all viewers the same perspective of the scene, regardless of the viewing angle. The most modern ones, though, are those that make use of a laser beam.

A hologram projector is the relative device.  In traditional projectors the light passes through a graphical image that has the ability to block some light in order to create shading. Holographic projectors, though, create the image by refraction, hardly losing any light, providing thus an outstanding 3D and colorful experience. Moreover, a real hologram projector can make use of a spinning mirror in order to reflect the image to each observer, creating thus a real 3D image. As the person moves around the subject, he sees a 3D image just floating in space!

Hologram projectors have found various applications. Music industry around the world has made an extensive use of holograms to give people a trait of a magic experience. Artists took the advantage of this innovation and embedded holograms into their fascinating work. Architects make themselves familiar with this hi-tech sector so that, in the future, architectural models would not have to be tangible anymore. Scientists created “speaking monuments” of the past, reincarnating notorious personalities that shaped the earths’ future. Holograms’ major use, however, is kind of a decorative one. Nowadays that the cost of these futuristic devices is relatively low, lots of houses enjoy the glamour provided by a cheap hologram projector.

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