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Dual Arc Plasma Lighter with LED Power Display

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This dual arc plasma lighter with LED power display is powered by a rechargeable battery and there is no need of gas or fuel in order to light your cigarette. It is very safe and it does not create a flame because it is electrically operated and environmentally friendly. More specifically it uses intense heat to light cigarettes in any weather condition (strong winds, heavy rain, storms, snows etc.) It can be charged by using USB Slot and does not need fill any fuel into it, making it very convenient. It needs only 3 hours per charge and it is using a high-performance polymer aluminum battery with the help of which it can charge and discharge about 500 times.  The lighter’s USB connection is only for charging and it can be connected to a computer, a cell phone chargers and other charging on any output voltage DC5V. In case of initial use or of long periods of non-use, connect the charger, then disconnect and reconnect the charger. After the lighter is fully charged immediately disconnect the power source. It is a perfect travel gadget with a fashion and modern outlook that will impress your friends and your colleagues.

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Windproof Lighter – Light cigarettes in all weather conditions.

USB Charged – Easily charged at your desk, in your car or from any powered USB port.

Watchband Material: Rubber;

Watch Case Material: metal;

Material: Metal

Model Number: 222

Function: Windproof, Environmental protection ,Power Display.

Energy source: lithium-ion battery charge

Weight: About 100g

Fuel: USB rechargeable lighter, not oil or gas

Buyer common problems consulting and reply

Q: If there were no electricity. How long does it need to charge?

A: Lighter never to the end of the charging, need only three hours.

Q: How to charge?

A: As long as you can insert the USB. You can charge.

Q: When is the best time to charge?

A: Lithium-ion batteries have no memory, in use can recharge. There is no need to wait until no electricity to charge, power cuts can also be used.

Q: If power saturation. How long can use?

A: Usually, can ignite 100 cigarettes.

Q: Because this lighter is to use battery power, voltage is very low. The heating wire fever will slow?

A: Due to internal circuit’s unique design and selection of electric heating wire material, start switch after the smoke near the heating wire at the same time. At the same time of smoke close to the heating wire, heat enough to ignite the smoke from the heating wire.

Q: What’s need to pay attention to the problems in use?

A: Please do not put the lighter in water or other liquid, because can lead to short circuit. Due to cigarette smoke need to contact heating wire, so do not force oppression heating wire. If you have tobacco into the heating wire, please clean up in time! This is helpful to extend the service life of a cigarette lighter. Disappear when electricity, heating wire fever will slow down. In a timely manner, please recharge!

Package Included:

1 X USB  Cigarette Lighter

1 X USB  Charge cable

1 X Kit Case


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