Thin Transparent Solar Panel Film for Windows and Roofs of Buildings



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This solar panel transparent film is a type of device that is designed to convert light energy into electrical energy (through the photovoltaic effect) and is composed of micron-thick photon-absorbing material layers deposited over a flexible substrate. It can generate electricity even at low light levels using a second generation technology. The product is available in transparencies up to 80% with a maximum output of 90 watt per piece. It can function on ambient light levels and it is very sensitive to light. It is also full waterproof and available in various colors. This solar panel film can be installed on existing windows or installed as a stand-alone structure in a building under construction. The standard size dimensions of each solar panel film are 120 cm X 0.60 cm but the dimensions can be customized according to the needs of each client. The solar panel film can generate power even in dim environment, widely applied for roof and window BIPV system.

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Item Transparency Size Weight Pmax Voc Vmpp Isc Impp
ST1-T10 10% 1200*600*7mm 12Kg 69w 114V 87.8V 0.92A 0.79A
ST1-T20 20% 1200*600*7mm 12Kg 61w 114V 87.8V 0.82A 0.70A
ST1-T30 30% 1200*600*7mm 12Kg 52w 114V 87.8V 0.72A 0.59A
ST1-T40 40% 1200*600*7mm 12Kg 46w 114V 87.8V 0.61A 0.52A
ST1-T45 45% 1200*600*7mm 12Kg 42w 114V 87.8V 0.56A 0.48A
ST1-T50 50% 1200*600*7mm 12Kg 38w 114V 87.8V 0.51A 0.43A
ST1-T55 55% 1200*600*7mm 12Kg 34w 114V 87.8V 0.46A 0.39A
ST1-T60 60% 1200*600*7mm 12Kg 30w 114V 87.8V 0.41A 0.34A
ST1-T70 70% 1200*600*7mm 12Kg 23w 114V 87.8V 0.31A 0.26A
ST1-T80 80% 1200*600*7mm 12Kg 15w 111V 85.5V 0.23A 0.18A
SF-S1-85 0% 1200*600*6.8mm 11.8Kg 85w 122V 96V 1.06A 0.94A
SF-S1-90 0% 1200*600*6.8mm 11.8Kg 90w 122.5V 96.06V 0.98A 0.88A

 System Properties (At STC)

Maximum System Voltage           1000(600UL)

Limiting Reverse Current              2             3.5

Maximum Series Fuse   2             3.5

Temperature Coefficients (at   STC)

Temperature Coefficients  of   Isc             α=0.060%/℃

Temperature Coefficients  of   Voc           β=0.321%/℃

Temperature Coefficients  of   Pm            γ=0.214%/℃

Mechanical Specifications

Size        1200mm*600mm*6.8mm

Area      0.72m²

Weight 11.8Kg

Frame   None

Lead Cable          2.5mm² 700mm               2.5mm² 650mm

Connectors         MC4

Bypass Diode     10A

Number of Cells: 144

Cell Type             Cadmium Telluride (CdTe)

Cover Type         3.2mm+0.76EVA/PVB/UV reduction      3.2mm Normal Glass Laminated

Encapsulation    EVA//PVB          EVA//Edge Seal


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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 1.1 cm



23 Watt, 30 Watt, 34 Watt, 38 Watt, 42 Watt, 46 Watt, 52 Watt, 61 Watt, 69 Watt, 90 Watt, 15 Watt


10%, 20%, 30%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 55%, 60%, 70%, 80%

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