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Floureon Foldable Solar Panel with 3 USB Ports

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What is Foldable Solar Panel? Just as the name suggests, this is a solar panel that uses solar cells to convert solar energy into electrical energy, and it can be folded. Why we make it folding? Everyone knows that most of the existing solar panels are coming with the fixed-planar structures, we usually install them out of doors or on the roof of the house. After installing the solar panels, they are basically fixed in position and cannot be disassembled, especially in the case of severe weather or relocating, the solar panels cannot be recycled in time, because it easily damages the solar panels and causes huge economic losses. So for the convenience of use, there are many foldable solar panels that are used in different applications on the market. 5 Volt solar panel is good for charging the device voltage less than 5v, such as smartphones, USB fans, flashlights, etc. 12 Volt solar panel is good for charging 6-9V devices, such as Lamps, LED Lights, etc. 18v solar panel is good for charging 12v lithium and lead-acid battery, such as laptops, tablets, etc. This solar panel (5 volt) is equipped with 3 USB ports for charging of multiple devices.

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  1. SUNLIGHT Panel

SUNLIGHT panel makes the transition up to 23.5%,you can power your portable devices from sunrise to sundown whenever you are outside.

  1. Light and Portable

More effective with just 4 panels for 28W, ultra-lightweight design ideal for long treks.

  1. Bracket Function

Special stands get more sunshine collected.

  1. Advanced Safety

Short circuit and over current PROTECTION technology keep you and your devices safe.



Panel Type: SunLight

Transition Efficiency: 23.5%

Number of Panel: 4

No. of USB Charging Ports: 3

USB 1: 5V/2.4A Max

USB 2: 5V/2.4A Max

USB 3: 5V/2.4A Max

LED Indicator: Let you know the power at any time

A light is on——-0.15 – 0.6A

Two    lights——-0.6 – 1A

Three  lights——-1 – 1.5A

Four    lights——-1.5 – 2.6A

Variations :

28W Solar Panel

Expanded size: 90cm*29cm*1.4cm

Weight : 956g

21W Solar Panel

Expanded size:71cm*29cm*1.4cm

Weight : 801g

15W Solar Panel

Expanded size: 52cm*29mm*1.4cm

Folding size:29cm*16.5cm*2cm

Weight : 380g

How to use :

Make sure the panel is placed in bright, and angled directly to the sun.

Package Incudes:

1 x 28W/21W/15W foldable 3-port solar charger

4 x Hooks

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Weight N/A

15 Watt, 21 Watt, 28 Watt



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